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Mapping the digital band, fun or.. ?

CW is King! Posted on %AM, October 28 2007 11:38:17

There hasn’t been an update of my blog for a while, but don’t despair. It’s because I’ve been busy writing a full length article about “Deep Search” for the Swedish ham radio magazine QTC.

Now I am back here, and again I am in a philosophical mood..

MAP65.. the new toy for digitalists. This software is an addition to WSJT and can map a full frequency spectrum where JT65 users hang out. Take a look at an extact from a MAP65 display, presented at K1JT’s homepage (slightly edited to conform with text formatting on this blog):

-491 156 0758 -21 RK3WWF I1ANP JN44
-309 168 0746 -17 RK3WWF SV8CS KM07
-309 173 0754 -19 RK3WWF SV8CS KM07
-189 0 0745 -22 RRR
-189 175 0755 -20 CQ RK3WWF KO72
-189 175 0757 -20 CQ RK3WWF KO72
-189 172 0759 -18 CQ RK3WWF KO72
139 164 0758 -19 RK3WWF N5KDA EM41

244 75 0754 -17 CQ K7MAC DN13
250 71 0756 -16 CQ K7MAC DN13
247 72 0758 -17 CQ K7MAC DN13

-255 87 0752 -21 YO9FRJ EB1DNK IN62
-255 89 0754 -24 YO9FRJ EB1DNK IN62
-255 91 0756 -21 YO9FRJ EB1DNK IN62
-255 88 0758 -20 YO9FRJ EB1DNK IN62
55 178 0745 -13 CQ YO9FRJ KN34
108 73 0754 -24 YO9FRJ W1FKF FN42

-221 3 0755 -18 K6MYC RN4AT LN29
-224 1 0757 -21 K6MYC RN4AT LN29
-230 0 0759 -19 RO
– 42 164 0759 -22 KB8RQ UA9FAD LO88
289 179 0746 -14 WA8RJF K6MYC DM07 OOO
283 0 0748 -21 RRR
289 179 0750 -15 UA9FAD K6MYC DM07 OOO
289 2 0752 -15 UA9FAD K6MYC DM07 OOO
292 3 0754 -15 F6APE K6MYC DM07 OOO
289 0 0756 -19 RRR
292 179 0758 -14 RN4AT K6MYC DM07 OOO

What we see are neatly presented decodes of everything that takes place on four different VHF frequencies (channels), during a period of a few minutes.

The original display presented by K1JT shows many more “channels”, namely a frequency spectrum from 144.114 – 144.156 MHz. Everything the computer can see on these channels is presented in the same style as above.

Now back to my philosophical thoughts.. is this good? Is this fun?

As much as I try, I can’t see the challenge, or any fun in operating my EME-station this way! It is basically like watching the news on TV.

You don’t even have to be on a certain frequency to know what is going on there. You don’t look for other stations, they are looked up for you, so you can click on the text message on the computer screen and let the two computers talk to each other.

NOT my cup of tea!

Any CW phantoms out there who agree with me??

I know you do, because we’re in it for the fun, we work stations the real way using our skills and our brain to decode the message.

CW is King!!!

73 de Peter SM2CEW

Want to work me?? RTFM!!

CW is King! Posted on %PM, August 15 2007 19:22:07

As we know, the JT65 Deep Search module is not decoding calls, it is faking full copy by printing calls on the screen after receiving fragments and comparing them to known info.

This is not new, but when striving to make all possible shortcuts, Joe Taylor K1JT designed the Deep Search module in such a way that it can’t communicate callsigns.

That’s not all he did, he also restricted the possible calls available in JT65, and this has lead to some interesting situations.

Take a look below at what’s been going on lately on the N0UK Logger chat. I will guide you through the mysteries behind some of the comments..

The station leading the crowd this time is Peter, PJ4/PA3CNX.

Yes.. you guessed it, PJ4/PA3CNX is not a call that JT65 can communicate. So to work Peter you need to fiddle with some settings. Hence, this messages is appearing on the N0UK logger every now and then, else PJ4 can’t be worked. Anyone who is not on the logger chat will never know and won’t be making a contact, no matter how good EME setup they have.

08/14 18:17 ** CQ PJ4/PA3CNX 144.149 TX first ** (PJ4/PA3CNX Peter)
08/14 18:18 *** to work me first look at under PJ4EME *** (PJ4/PA3CNX Peter )

Wow… apparently the message is RTFM to work me! Blog ImageSo, what happens after this announcement? This…

08/14 18:25 I only get PJ4/PA3CNX PA ???????? please look at my website how to change your settings (under PJ4EME button (PJ4/PA3CNX Peter )

Someone is calling Peter, but he can’t get the call because this someone has not set his WSJT program up to allow this contact to be made..

More people are listening, and seeing the same thing:

08/14 18:25 182400 0 -28 3.4 -237 3 * CQ PJ4/PA3CNX (DG0OPK Michael)
08/14 18:27 182500 6 -20 2.5 -172 3 * PJ4/PA3CNX PA same via moon, who ??? (DL4DWA Uwe)
08/14 18:27 182600 2 -23 3.4 -22 2 * CQ CN/PA3CNX 1 0 (CN8LI Said)

But hang on now…!!!! CN8LI is hearing CN/PA3CNX!!?? Said is sensing this might be wrong, so his next message on the logger is:

08/14 18:28 hi 2 all. That’s what i receive from moon (CN8LI Said)

Sure, received from moon…
Can’t be, it sure wasn’t transmitted that way!
Michael DG0OPK let’s us know that this sure is no surprise by saying:

08/14 18:30 same game like yesterday with the PREFIX…. (DG0OPK Michael)

Aha… this someone calling has not RTFM it seems..
And as the JT65 program can’t communicate the call we are now in Deep Shit..

Someone is clearly calling, but it’s impossible to see who it is and everyone is telling him this on the logger.

The caller is discouraged by his apparent lack of success, and stops. Peter PJ4/PA3CNX says:

08/14 18:33 It seems that my caller is gone so now CQ again on 144.149 PJ4 TX 1st (PJ4/PA3CNX Peter)

Helping hands smiley immidiately report what they hear coming back to Peters CQ:

08/14 18:36 Strange decode: 183500 3 -20 0.0 145 4 * PA3CMC 1 0 (PA3CEE Eltje)

08/14 18:36 183500 7 -10 -0.1 153 6 * PA3CMC 1 0 your transmission not ok !! (DL4DWA Uwe)

08/14 18:37 183200 0 -25 3.4 -22 1 # PA25FMF PJ4/P OOO 1 0 (CN8LI Said)

Someone has clearly not RTFM… so Rene PE1L tries to help again! smileysmiley

08/14 18:37 Add PJ4 in capitals in Setup Options DXCC prefix (PE1L Rene )

Ooops… that did it.. now the helping hands all decode the mystery station! smiley
But someone is still not set up right.. or is the program guessing the wrong callsign..?

08/14 18:37 I decode this : 183500 12 -13 -0.1 19 5 * PA/PA3CNX PA3CMC 1 0 (PA5KM Coen)

08/14 18:37 Uwe 183500 6 -16 0.2 167 3 * PJ4/PA3CNX PA3CMC 1 0 (DG0OPK Michael)

08/14 18:37 183500 6 -22 2.6 59 3 * PJ4/PA3CNX PA3CMC 1 0 (CN8LI Said)

Michael DG0OPK is apparently beginning to think that this is just a little bit too much.. look at his message at this stage:

08/14 18:38 F2 and change the Prefix….to PJ4…that is not 100% correct i think…BLOG for PETER…. (DG0OPK Michael)

YES!!! It sure made it to the SM2CEW Blog, that’s 100% correct… !!!!smileysmiley

08/14 18:40 TNX all for reports was concernd, but think it is ok (PA3CMC Lins)
08/14 18:40 PA3CMC tnx QSO Lins best -23 dB here (PJ4/PA3CNX Peter)
08/14 18:41 PJ4/PA3CNX bedankt qso Peter, had de hoofdletters pj4 over het hoofd gezien, (PA3CMC Lins)

Aaah… another fine JT65 QSO! Putting PJ4, in capital letters, in the right place in the “Options” screen sure perfected that QSO! And with all the help from logger hangarounds, how can anyone ever fail??

However, Michael DG0OPK is still a bit concerned, so he mentions that the >4 year old JT65 software that has given plenty of people VHF DXCC in no time is not 100% yet..

08/14 18:40 dont forget JT65 is an experimental mode and not perfect…. (DG0OPK Michael)

Well Michael, for the forgiving, it is PERFECT! And they LOVE it!

Arno, PE1RDP sums all this up pretty well by saying:

08/14 18:41 Work DXCC in 1 hour 😉 (PE1RDP Arno)

If you have read this far, you know by now what I am going to say…

– loggers…………smiley
– jt65 software….smiley
– so called JT65 QSO’s……smiley

Remember, what some of these people saw on their screen is not what the program received, it is what the program was GUESSING that someone was transmitting!

Is there ANY chance that this would have happened on CW???!!!

– Not a chance!

Do we admire the JT65 operators for abiding to the message at the top of the N0UK logger page saying:
Exchanging any contact details on here before you’re complete, invalidates the contact!

– No we sure don’t, this rule is violated all the time!

CW is King!!!! smileysmiley

73 de Peter SM2CEW

(By the way, RTFM = Read The Fucking Manual)

Why do people want DX-expeditions to use JT65??

CW is King! Posted on %PM, July 22 2007 20:07:47

During the recent DX-expedition to 1A0KM the operators Wolfgang DL5MAE and Ben DL6RAI decided not to use JT65.

This came as no surprise, as Wolfgang has expressed a strong opinion against computer to computer QSO’s, he wants to do the decoding himself.

Anyhow, the discussion started on the EME reflectors, and this is what EA3DXU said:

Hi All
As some 144 EME CW hams do.
I will ask why 1A0KM will not be QRV also on JT65B like PJ4EME ? or only
the JT65B hams must also be QRV on CW , but the CW hams are free of this
requisite ?

73 de Josep EA3DXU“

Joseps question is of course valid, and he is entitled to ask the question. And he was not the only one who asked the same question.

But the nature of the question is what interests me, why do they want JT65 so badly?

Well of course, the answer is:
-they need Deep Search! It’s not JT65 they want, THEY WANT DEEP SEARCH!

They desperately need the 10-bit decoding module that will never fail, and that uses fractions of EME message to print full calls, report and locator. And they need the shorthand messages that need not be decoded, just claimed that they’ve been seen on the Spectran screen.

This is why people are so eager that JT65 should be used instead of real communication modes like CW or SSB. They want to “score”, without having to put any effort into the EME game.

So, what conclusions can we draw from this then?

– Well, first of all, we must see it as a full reckognition of CW EME being a truly challenging mode!

– Secondly, having said that, we clearly see that there is no way to compare a CW EME QSO with a JT65 one.

– Third, but we knew this already.. CW is King!!

73 de Peter SM2CEW

Are all QSO’s the same..?? No way..!

CW is King! Posted on %PM, July 22 2007 19:42:34

Digital, especially in the form of JT65 Deep Search and “shorthand messages” as we know is not really a QSO by any standard.

But when things are taken even further by the operator, eager and determined to complete the QSO no matter what, logger chats are indeed the tool for them.

Look at this is an extract from the ON4KST logger on July 22, 2007, between 1240-1321 GMT:

12:42:15Z YU7EW Pista LZ1BB You copy me vie EME?
12:43:19Z LZ1BB Harry
YU7EW no. Here only 4el. Pse continue via tropo
12:43:46Z YU7EW Pista
LZ1BB OK Goo tropo
12:48:56Z YU7EW Pista
LZ1BB QSB frm -13 to -20 dB
12:50:11Z LZ1BB Harry
YU7EW I still wait my report. Need ur square for JT65 VUCC
12:55:50Z YU7EW Pista
lz1bb qsb???
12:56:53Z LZ1BB Harry
YU7EW yes QSB I still transmit
12:57:47Z YU7EW Pista
LZ1BB OK i transmit also
13:06:06Z YU7EW Pista
LZ1BB SRI electr POWER aout I restarted only computer
13:06:34Z LZ1BB Harry
ok I still continue and wait my report
13:07:49Z YU7EW Pista
13:12:40Z LZ1BB Harry
Pista don’t you decode me? Couse I do receive only msg 1
13:14:08Z YU7EW Pista
131200 1 -25 -0.6 261 3 # YU7EW LZ1BB KN12 OOO 1 0
13:14:35Z LZ1BB Harry
OK Pista, then change the message 🙂
13:15:36Z LZ1BB Harry
130900 6 -17 0.1 -261 3 * LZ1BB YU7EW KN05 1 10
13:15:59Z LZ1BB Harry
I need my report
13:18:26Z YU7EW Pista
131600 8 -26 277 5 RRR ?
13:18:48Z LZ1BB Harry
131500 9 -26 -276 2 RO
13:19:00Z LZ1BB Harry
131700 10 -17 -283 3 RRR
13:19:55Z LZ1BB Harry
I think it is good one. Many thanks Pista for your patiente and new # for my JT65 VUCC
13:22:21Z LZ1BB Harry
Pista will send both qsl togather. 73 &GGL!
13:21:22Z YU7EW Pista
LZ1BB OK Harry QSL both direct I send also direct

Not in a million years would these two gentlemen have completed their so called QSO without the constant chatting on the logger!!

This is a blatant violation of all QSO rules, and how Harry can say that he will claim this one for a VUCC award is appauling.

Well then, may we suggest that this is a one time event???

Not so! The JT65 loggers are full of equal procedures during the so called QSO’s.

Why this behaviour then??

Well the answer to that question is is that the operator is NEVER involved in making the QSO by listening to signals off the air! He just sits there waiting for the computer to do the decoding, and of course, helping the other guy will speed things up.

As we know, the Deep Search mode needs to know precisely the calls to “work”, and when switching over to shorthand messages the QSO will never fail because they need not be decoded at all.

So, my conclusion is, that NO WAY are all QSO’s the same!

The story above is proof of a QSO that can never be compared to a CW QSO, where both operators use their skills and their brain to decode the messages they receive.

And after seeing what I saw today, the VUCC award as an acheivement means NOTHING to me.. If this is the way Harry collects his squares, I do not want to be compared to him.

And the same goes for the all the EME DXCC Awards achieved by using JT65 Deep Search, shorthand messages and loggers.

CW is King!!!


73 de Peter SM2CEW

The value of a QSO..

CW is King! Posted on %PM, June 12 2007 21:24:29

Let me do a comparison for you, it will explain the difference between real achievements, and computer generated text.

CW (Cynthia..)

– Let’s see now, tuning 144.040-144.060… oops, I hear a signal..
– Blimey, it sounds like someone calling CQ in CW, but he is really weak.
– I’m going to have to put my headphones on, and switch the audio filter in..
– “CQ de DL….”
– No, not hearing him too well just now, let’s hope he continues to call CQ..
– “CQ de DL… C”
– Still not getting the call, too much QSB, I’ll keep listening, hopefully it will improve..
– “CQ de DL1ABC CQ de DL1ABC”
– Got it!! New station, never heard his call before! I will call him, gee I love CW..

– DL1ABC de SM2CEW RRR 73 73 tks tks
– SM2CEW de DL1ABC 73 73 73

– I’m a happy camper, new CW intitial in the log! Man, my ears and my brain is still able to dig out CW signals from the noise!

JT (Justin..)

Connecting to logger at

– **** CQ 144.123 DL1ABC 1st per PSE CALL **** (DL1ABC Roy JO32 21el 400w)
– DL1ABC listening for you (K1XXX John FN43 4x28XPOL kw)
– no decode!! I need to enter your call in WSJT (K1XXX John FN43 4x28XPOL kw)
– Roy, you are not in CALL3.TXT file..??? (K1XXX John FN43 4x28XPOL kw)
– now I get decode, -27db (K1XXX John FN43 4x28XPOL kw)
– I call you now Roy (K1XXX John FN43 4x28XPOL kw)

– “mouse click”
– “mouse click”
– “mouse click”
– “mouse click”
– “mouse click”
– “mouse click”

– Are you calling John?, no trace (DL1ABC Roy JO32 21el 400w)
– Yes, will change polarization.. now transmitting (K1XXX John FN43 4x28XPOL kw)

– “mouse click”
– “mouse click”
– “mouse click”
– “mouse click”
– “mouse click”

– Roy, I see trace of tones on spectran, RRR??? (K1XXX John FN43 4x28XPOL kw)
– Yes, sending RRR Dave (DL1ABC Roy JO32 21el 400w)
– Thanks, lovely QSO Roy! (K1XXX John FN43 4x28XPOL kw)

*** End of story! ***

The “Justin way” is every day life on the JT65 logger.
Is there ANY question what-so-ever as to which QSO has the most value??!! Is the JT65 QSO even a QSO?

CW is King!!!

73 de Peter SM2CEW

The Ballad of CW and JT

CW is King! Posted on %PM, May 29 2007 17:44:21

This wonderful allegory below was sent to me anonymously, by someone who calls himself “Echoman”. It is too good to be hidden in the dark doldrums of my harddrive, so I generously share it with you.


A Modern Day Allegory of Two Ladies of Pleasure, Cynthia Wax & Justine Time

Cynthia and Justine were beautiful women, although Cynthia was the older and more experienced of the two. Both enjoyed giving pleasure to men, although neither was too particular with regard to the sex of their lovers.

Cynthia enjoyed lovers who were well endowed and who knew how to operate their equipment.

Justine, on the other hand, was never so demanding and was content to accommodate even the most ridiculously small and ill equipped of her inexperienced lovers.

She would fane her moments of ecstasy and her partners were fooled into thinking they were great lovers. As she was so readily available in the public domain, she had her own group of hairdressers who would fuss and jealously watch her every movement. If her reputation was ever challenged they would stomp their feet, wag their fingers and pout their lips in disgust. They were often heard to boast just how “easy” Justine was and openly solicited many of her clients. Pictures of Justine began to appear across the world as her celebrity status grew.

Cynthia, on the other hand, was far more honest and thoroughly enjoyed her moments of rapture with all those lovers who could meet her most demanding appetite. Her cries of pleasure echoed across the world. Size mattered, most certainly, but she was also easily pleased by those who were less well endowed but able to vary their positions. H and V were her favourite.

Justine responded by slapping-on even make up to make herself more appealing. She knew that many of her lovers would be more interested in image, rather than in forming a lasting relationship. Her face was a picture of gaudy, bright colours and a distorted smile, which was shown to all her “Johns”.

What’s more, her clients were prone to hang around in the dark shadows of chat rooms until it was their turn. Each read the writing on the wall and became increasingly excited as they were publicly told where to find the exact “spot”.

The more experienced Cynthia, however, radiated her charms on all who gazed at her in wonderment.

Although the rate of Justine’s lovers rapidly increased, many eventually began to fall by the wayside when they realised that they had been too easily seduced. The challenge had really been in the chase and when Justine compromised herself so willingly, their interest waned. Some of her earlier lovers also complained that her character had altered over the past few years, quite possibly as a result of a repeated viral infection.

Like the grand old lady she is, Cynthia has remained uniquely young and willing to give lasting pleasure to those who pursue self-knowledge and integrity.


Reading Echomans wonderful story, my response is;

JT may search for a way of pleasing you but cannot satisfy you like CW!!!

CW is King!!!

73 de Peter SM2CEW

An “unfriendly club”..??!

CW is King! Posted on %PM, May 05 2007 14:13:19

A couple of days ago, the CW moonbouncers were said to be an “unfriendly club”. These words were used by K1JT on the DF6NA “Moon” email reflector:

“To all those who hunger for more activity on CW EME,
especially on 144 MHz: it might make a big difference if
your club seemed more friendly and welcoming to potential
new members. You seem to go out of your way to make it as
unfriendly as possible.

— 73, Joe, K1JT”

Say what….??!!

What could we have done as a group to receive these harsh words from a man who more and more appears to be the self appointed “EME Community World Leader”?

The answer is the following:

One of the CW EME operators wanted to learn more about the behaviour of the JT65 digital protocol, specifically in pileup situations. In doing so he asked a couple of questions, and the statement above is what he got in return.

Regardless of what the inventor of the digital protocol JT65, K1JT says, I would never say that his user “club” is unfriendly!

Some of the people who are keen digitalists are my best friends, and to make sweeping judgements like the one above show signs of a narrow mind, and poor acceptance of different views.

We CW operators know better..

CW is King!

73 de Peter SM2CEW

Is it important..? You bet!

CW is King! Posted on %PM, April 29 2007 21:49:39

I’ve been thinking… because I am troubled..

Is it important how a QSO is carried out, i e what procedure is used?


Why this question then?

Well, it has to do with how the system works, and how we should be able to compare and trust each others achievements, both in contests and for awards or toplists.

As radio amateurs we must develop operating skills, and they are important for the future of the hobby. Dumbing down of amateur radio is actually speeded up these days, and the computer is part of it.

So, operator skills is what we are looking for. We don’t want to see a “follow the leader” beaviour where people do anything to achieve “what he just did”.

Loggers sure are a phenomenon where the concept of “follow the leader” is mandatory. Especially when both parties who are trying to make a contact are logged in, because there is always a leader among the two.

If, and I say if, the leader is teaching the other guy not to disclose ANY QSO information while trying to complete the contact he gets a star in my book.

But if he is constantly maneuvering to make the contact possible , for example saying:

“transmit now, pse TX message #3”,
“stand by, don’t call, just waiting for RRR from DJ5XXX”
“stand by, I am being called by another station”

we clearly see that the contact would probably never have been completed had they not been chatting on the logger.

In the above example, who can say that this guy is teaching the other operator anything useful?

Instead he is ordering him around, and actually make his fellow ham a customer in his “shop”.

All in the interest of getting one more “initial” in the log. But not by being a smart and skillfull operator taking care of business on the air, no it is all done via the internet, under full control.

What I am trying to say is, that when looking at the N0UK logger I am sad to see guys who used to be very good operators, and who have a wealth of routine and knowledge to hand over to others, act like bad role models.

Their desire to quickly get that new station in the log overshadows all other things. And that new station will NEVER call CQ anywhere, he will be bossed around by the leaders on the loggers, one after the other.

This is sad. We should instead learn to operate the radio without constant chatting on loggers, and we should learn the newcomers the real game rather than making them stand in a queue via logger commands, waiting to be serviced.

Actually, digital communications in the form of JT65 Deep Search, where you need all info beforehand on the computer, has created this behaviour.

If the program had been designed for full random, and no data needed to be present on the computer, it would have been helpful in preserving good operator behaviour.

Instead, now they all demand space on a logger, so they can fill in the details before they even try to contact each other via the radio channel.

Random operation, with all parameters unknown, is hardly every used by the digital crowd. Why else would stations self spot all the time?

They constantly tell the world that they are calling CQ, or try to be “smart” and announce their frequency on the cluster while thanking the stations they last worked, one after the other.

And the experienced operators, who should be there to teach people how to make a proper contact via the radio channel, are too busy. They will instead set the level for others, by constantly violating our old, well established QSO procedures.

Nobody’s minding the “good old book store” any more, they are all in the warehouse across the street looking for bargains..

That’s why I am troubled… I don’t want to see the same thing happen to CW.

But then again, I’m sure it won’t..

We CW operators are using our brain to decode, and we therefore focus on what hear on the radio. We don’t stare at a logger and a decoder screen on the computer, while trying to keep everyone in order, not to cause an “overflow”…

Today the most wanted country BS7 came on the air. The whole world was waiting for them, and it was NO surprise that they started by operating CW. The skilled operator managed the most tremendous pileup, hour after hour, without the help of loggers or knowing calls in advance.

Now that made me happy! Did I work them..? Sure, two minutes after they started..

I’m sure you know by now… CW is King!!

73 de Peter SM2CEW

Making it difficult..

CW is King! Posted on %PM, April 23 2007 18:39:36

Apparently the recent expedition to ZB2 by DF2ZC and DH7FB has created problems for the digital crowd. Full calls are not transmitted unless one uses an update option in the WSJT program to enable the ZB prefix.

Operators who were unaware of this feature were trying “everything in the book” to get across to ZB2. This lead to a rather unusual statement on the “Make More Miles on VHF” website where they host expedition information. This was the statement from DF2ZC/DH7FB:

“We can not accept truncated callsigns such as ZBDF2ZC or truncated suffixes of your own callsign. Please proceed accordingly.”

This sounds like rather firm information, directed at the people wanting to work the expedition. It simply says “adjust your programs or we won’t work you.” Bernd and Frank are indeed, and rightfully so, interested to make QSO’s that are in accordance with the normal EME QSO procedure.

However, Wolfgang, DL5MAE found an interesting conversation on the N0UK logger on 23 April 2007. I quote Wolfgangs message to the Moon-Net reflector:

It startet that Juergen (DK3WG) had trouble to TX the long ZB2-call
sign :

12:24 hm, mein Programm will ZB”/… nicht senden?? (DK3WG)
12:27 Jurg even does not work for me (OZ1LPR)
12:27 you can send your call only he accep that also (OZ1LPR)
12:28 Peter thats not OK (DL9MS)
13:04 Joe many worked Joe with sending only their call (OZ1LPR)

I gave the original chat here. At 13:04 it was probably a typing
mistake and OZ1LPR meant many worked Bernd (DF2ZC) with sending
only their callsign.

At least Joe (DL9MS) is s fair and wkg along the rules and
told OZ1LPR so.

I do hope Jurg solved the problem and worked ZB2 afterwards.
But I wonder why OZ1LPR is on the worked list?

vy 73 de dl5mae WOlfgang

If I draw the conclusion from the logger chat above that IARU operating procedures were not used to make these contacts I am wrong. DF2ZC and DH7FB specifically state on the website that they want to use accepted IARU QSO procedures.

From what we know, OZ1LPR is in the log, so apparently he was not using the non accepted procedures he suggested to others.

But because many (most?) operators could not set the digital WSJT program up to transmit what they wanted, big confusion was created. That’s making it difficult..

Taking “shortcuts” to just send one call is making the RF transfer even smaller, and if true taking things to yet another low level.

Accepted IARU procedures demand both calls copied in full, plus report and acknowledgement.

But in the eyes of the inventor of JT65, K1JT, shortcuts are called “taking advantage of extra sensitivity”!

Because this is what he claims for Deep Search, where 75% of the information is never received. It is “filled in” by using information present already on the computer, and K1JT calls it “extra sensitivity”.

Imagine, with DS, 75% of the full message is never received!

Now then, if we follow OZ1LPR’s advice and take out one of those calls from the full message when calling the ZB2 expedition, only 10% of the full information needs to received at their end if they accept the procedure.

That is a whole lot of “extra sensitivity” isn’t it?? No wonder it makes sense to OZ1LPR and others..

But Bernd DF2ZC has reassured me that at the expedition side of things they never accepted these shortcuts, and the suggestions by OZ1LPR were not descriptions of their operating procedures.

I’m glad I was not part of that digital party, instead I took part in the Dubus CW EME Contest this weekend.

I thoroughly enjoyed it! I copied full calls, reports and acknowledgements from my fellow CW operators, making REAL EME QSO’s that no one can question! Withouth having to adjust any computer program to comply with QSO procedures!

Going digital the JT65 way has made it difficult, especially when calls are used that are not part of the internal coding in the program. All of the above make that perfectly clear.

Given that, CW still is King!!!

73 de Peter SM2CEW

Good news, RSGB has presented new contest rules!

CW is King! Posted on %PM, April 17 2007 19:35:22

Blog ImageThe RSGB has presented revised rules for their VHF contest program. They state the following:

The RSGB Contest Committee has revised the VHF General Rules relating to the use of the DX Cluster and other spotting/chat networks (including internet facilities for example ON4KST) in RSGB VHF and UHF contests.

The revised rules are listed below:

4i. The active use (posting messages, arranging skeds, self spotting etc) of the DX Cluster and other spotting networks (including internet facilities for example ON4KST) to assist an entry to a contest on 6m, 4m, 2m and 70cm is banned in all RSGB contests with the exception of three IARU Region 1 co-ordinated contests (50MHz Trophy in June, 144MHz Trophy in September and 432MHz to 248GHz IARU in October) and the 144MHz Marconi contest in November where permitted by the IARU rules for these contests. You may spot a DX station as long as your operating frequency is not given.

4k. All information must be copied off air at the time of the QSO and on the band in use. Databases must not be used to fill in missing information. The DX Cluster, talkback channels etc must not be used for passing or confirming any contest related information.

These revised rules take effect from midnight 30th April 2007.”

These are excellent rules, the RSGB should be commended for taking such actions to clean up bad operating techniques!

Now, take a close look at paragraph 4k:

“All information must be copied off air at the time of the QSO and on
the band in use. Databases must not be used to fill in missing

This is brilliant! The paragraph makes is absolutely clear that QSO’s made with the JT65 Deep Search (DS) module are not considered as valid. Because this is exactly what DS does, it automatically fills in information that has never been received via the RF waves!

Furthermore, it never shows the operator what it actually has received, so regardless of what the inventor of Deep Search (K1JT) says, there is no operator control over such a communication method.

The computer matches traces of info with database info, to print full messages. It is printing the messages after going through an extensive guessing process where the operator has no effect on the output.

Anyhow, these new rules immidiately started a debate where JT65 users defend their Deep Search toy, even saying that it complies with the RSGB rules…

See what our good friend Bernd, DF2ZC had to say:

Oh how strong I wish some people would finally understand that the DS decoder DOES NOT FILL IN MISSING INFORMATION PARTS such as missing letters of callsigns but tells the program which possible callsign combinations to search for in the noise… the permanent repetition of incorrect statements doesn’t make them correct statements.

vy 73 Bernd DF2ZC (JO30RN)“

Take a minute to analyze what he just said….
To me it is quite obvious that Bernd has not at all grasped the functionality of the Deep Search module.

Facts are the following:

The DS module will print 100% of a 56 bit message (calls), after having received 14 bits or less, i e <25% of the message. It uses a database on the computer to get the missing information.

If that is not filling in information from a database, WHAT IS?????

I am so glad we CW operators have no problems with this, we just copy the calls and the reports in full, and log the contact as a good one!

CW is King!!!!

Transfer less.. unfortunately we’re there..

CW is King! Posted on %PM, March 30 2007 23:43:15

We are now fully aware that WSJT in JT65 Deep Search mode is using fragments received to print full messages. These printed messages are created by using known info present on the computer and not received via the airwaves.

Contacts made this way have nothing in common with the well established CW procedures we use to make QSO’s valid for awards, contests and top lists.

The creator of WSJT, K1JT who is leading the way in trying to present fragmental transfer as valid QSO’s has over the years made good friends with Rex VK7MO.

Rex is also doing his best to validate these non-QSO’s, but what is more interesting, he has taken things to another level. By creating coded tables to minimize transfer even further he is on a path leading to a nightmare situation.

Below is an extract from VK7MO’s webpage, describing QSO procedures that I am pretty certain will be the foundation of the next generation WSJT “amazing achievements”.

Read and decide yourself where this is heading… and remember who started it..

If you thought JT65 Deep Search was the final stage, I am sorry to say it was only the beginning. Things will get worse..

Digital communication in this form is taking our radio hobby down the drain.

If ever a statement is true, mine is; CW is King!!!

73 de Peter SM2CEW

Below you find the VK7MO digital QSO format, taken from the webpage at


Time: Saturday morning EDST 0700 to 0800, 2000 to 2100 UTC

Frequency: 144.230 MHz dial frequency USB

TX/RX period: 30 seconds, Southern Stations TX first (if you are looking for a station to your North you are a Southern station). For East-West paths Eastern stations Tx first. There is an ambiguity with these rules for stations working VK5 to VK2. To resolve this amiguity it has been agreed that VK5s shall TX first when working any VK2 and VK2 will TX second when working any VK5.

Liaison: 40 Meters, 7.085 MHz or nearby if in use, 5 to 10 minutes prior to tests and immediately after tests.

Coding: Abbreviated code as follows:

1 = Received your call sign code and my own call sign code and signal report weak.
2 = Received your call sign code and my own call sign code and signal report medium.
3 = Received your call sign code and my own call sign code and signal report strong.
4 = Received your call sign code weak.
5 = Received your call sign code medium.
6 = Received your call sign code strong.
7 = 73 also means Roger.
8 = CQ.
9 = Received a WSJT signal but could not identify it.

Signals strengths are provided by the WSJT program and are coded as follows:

Weak = 0 to 4 dB above the noise.
Medium = 5 to 8 dB above the noise.
Strong = more than 8 dB above the noise.

Call Sign codes:

A = Andrew VK5ZUC
B = Ray VK4BLK
C= Charlie VK3FMD
D = Dale VK5DC
F = Rex VK3OF
G = Ron VK5AKJ
H = Dave VK2AWD
J = Joe VK7JG
K = Ken VK4AKM
M = Mike VK2FLR
N = Neil VK2EI
O = Kevin VK5OA
P = Phil VK3YB
Q = Les VK4BAF
R = Rex VK7MO
S = Brian VK3KQB
T = Glenn VK4TZL
V = David VK3ANP
W = John VK3KWA
X = Ian VK3AXH
Y = John VK4AJS
Z = Adrian VK2FZ

If any one else requires a call sign code please send me an email with your preference from those not yet allocated –

If we run out of call sign codes I will ask those who are not using theirs to release them for others.

Procedure: Send each abbreviated code twice separated by a space. A contact might be of the form:

T8 T8 Glenn calling CQ.

PT5 PT5 Phil has copied Glenn’s call sign code medium.

TP1 TP1 Glenn has copied Phil’s call sign code and signal report weak.

PT7N4 PT7N4 Phil saying 73 to Glenn and giving Neil a report.

TP7J5 TP7J5 Glenn saying 73 to Phil and giving Joe a report.

Who’s fooling who..??!!

CW is King! Posted on %PM, March 18 2007 20:57:02

Take a look at this recent statement from K1JT. Remember, this is the guy who invented “Deep Search”, a protocol where fragments of info are received, but full messages printed on the computer screen to make the operator think he just had a valid QSO.

“Thus, even when the “Deep Search” decoder is used, JT65 QSOs transfer about five times more information than the most marginal scheduled QSOs using CW.”

I must say, this statement is nothing but insulting to us CW EME operators. We certainly make it a point to always comply with long since established EME procedures that require full copy of both calls, report and acknowledgement. No way is a JT65 Deep Search QSO comparable to such a QSO. And to claim that more info is passed in a Deep Search session is pretty upsetting.

Again, who is K1JT trying to fool..??!

No, his statement is yet another one intended to diminish the accomplishments of CW EME operators, all for the purpose of validating the design flaws of his Deep Search protocol.

But we know better..

CW is King!!

73 de Peter SM2CEW

CW Forever!

CW is King! Posted on %PM, February 25 2007 21:05:56

In case you have not seen this before, there is a three letter code for “CW Forever” !! It is ZUT, and I suggest we start using it on CW EME to show our love for CW.

Here’s a small article on the subject that I found on N9BORs CW webpage:

“ZUT means
“CW Forever!”

The Z-code was widely used by the military on both CW, RTTY and
land-line TTY circuits. The U.S. Coast Guard radiomen (a rating
that no longer exists in the USCG) were a tight-knit group (the
entire USCG itself has fewer members than the NYPD has police
officers, BTW), and with the demise of code in the Guard, ZUT was
adopted as the unofficial Z-code signal for those who loved CW.

The Guard kept a continuous 80 year watch on 500 kHz (600m),
the international maritime CW calling and distress frequency.

73 and ZUT!
Jeff KH6OO (former USCG CW op at Coast Guard Radio Honolulu: NMO)”

Good eh’ ?

73 and ZUT de Peter SM2CEW

QSL’s for JT65 contacts

CW is King! Posted on %PM, January 22 2007 21:58:10

A recent debate has started on the Moon-Net mail reflector run by the almighty W9IP. Here’s how it started, with a question from SM7GVF:

Hi, I have received some QSLs for JT QSOs. What is the group idea about the validity of QSLs for JT65 QSO:s where the report either is filled in as “RRR” or “RO”? Neither is a report I am afraid, the report has been “O”. Will the QSL still be valid for DXCC and other awards?
73 Kjell SM7GVF”

A perfectly legitimate question of course. Now, what you see below in bold text are a couple of replies from well known JT65 users:

“My understanding is: there is but one! A correct report is only “O”, nothing else. It can be complemented by a S/N ratio etc, but only the “O” may stand in the report box of a QSL card.

However, there is something else re JT QSOs which is frequently done wrong: the mode. Very often I see as mode “WSJT”, “JT65” or “JT65b”. As far as I’m aware nothing of these three is a valid mode description such as SSB or CW. In QSOs with the WSJT software the mode is “MFSK” – Multi Tone Frequency Shift Keying”. Actually it should even be MAFSK since the tones are audio
tones injected into the mic line.”

And EA6VQ:
“I suffer the same pain. It’s obvious that many newcomers don’t have a clear idea of what the EME report is. I also often receive QSL’s with reports like “OOO”, “-nn dB”, etc.

So far I think that ARRL is accepting EME QSL independently of the report on them, but it’s always a little dissapointing when I get a QSL card with a wrong report on it, specially when it’s from a DX operation.”

Both guys are very dissapointed at JT65-people for not filling out the QSL-card correctly.

So, how are these precious JT65 QSO’s carried out then?

Well.. let me tell you..

– they are rarely, if ever, random

– instead, they are made with constant parallell communication via internet chatboards, so called loggers.

– exchanging QSO information during the QSO is almost mandatory

– or, information is passed via the loggers to make the QSO possible, without it the QSO would never have taken place

– many QSO’s are made with JT65 Deep search mode, meaning that no more than 25% of the needed information is passed via the radio

– reports are 1 (one) bit information only, containing no information

Whenever I bring this up, I am flamed and most often told to shut up!

The JT65 fanatics tell me that they are doing this for fun, and for their own pleasure!

And, I am told that I shouldn’t even care about how they are working their QSO’s!


If we analyze what DF2ZC and EA6VQ are saying we come up with these conclusions:

These JT65-operators
– who are having fun
– and working stations for their own pleasure,
without complying with normal QSO procedures

should in their opinon

– however comply 100% with well established “filling out a QSL” rules!

If they don’t, the situation is painful for the two gentlemen cited above!!!

I find this hypocritical, to say the least!!

To sum it up, we draw the conclusion that JT65 users are allowed to break every established rule telling us how a valid QSO is to be carried out, i e they are making QSO’s that are not valid,


I am glad we CW operators don’t have these problems. We put CW in as mode, and RST numbers as report. End of worries..

CW is King!

73 de Peter, SM2CEW

Shorthand messages

CW is King! Posted on %PM, January 20 2007 18:59:53

Take a look at this recent extract from an internet logger (chatboard):

13 Jan 19:37 ZL3CU Will now beam VK Tx 1st 144.23
13 Jan 19:39 VK7MO Starr: I will beam your way 330?
13 Jan 19:43 ZL3CU OK Rex. Lost contact with internet for a couple of minutes
13 Jan 19:44 VK7MO Short-hand as appropraite as we should be on our own
13 Jan 19:45 ZL3CU OK
13 Jan 19:47 ZL3CU Good ping from you Rex

This was a “down under” WSJT FSK441 sked where VK7MO suggested shorthand messages were appropriate, because they were “on their own”..

Well, what is a shorthand message in FSK441 then?

It is ONE tone, a carrier!

No wonder it’s easy to complete. One meteor ping to detect a carrier and the report exchange is over and done with!

No need to mess with more info than a millisecond of carrier to complete the QSO.. this is effective stuff..

Now, why am I showing you this?

Well, it shows where K1JT with his WSJT software has taken the weak signal VHF community. Guys who use his shorthand report system are exchanging virtually no info at all, and still claim they’ve had a QSO.

A ping, a trace of a carrier, “Shorthand as appropriate..”, complete QSO..

In the CW world we at least exchange full reports, and we are proud to dig the signal out of the noise!

And if we fail, we keep going until we are certain we’ve made the contact. We do not use a computerized QSO machine, designed by K1JT and programmed to never let the operator down..

CW is King!

73 de Peter SM2CEW

New year, 2007!

CW is King! Posted on %AM, January 01 2007 09:44:13

Once again we have entered a new year, this is #2007 by accepted standards..

I hope 2007 will be a good one for all CW fans, and that we will continue to enjoy the pleasure of working stations the real way, by using our brain to decode and our skills to dig out signals from QRM or white noise.

In the latest edition of K1RQG’s Netnotes there was a wonderful piece from Mike, KL6M. Let me quote him here:

“You know, if CW had not been a requirement back when I got my ticket, I probably never would have learned it. I am SOOO glad I did. My life would not have been the same without it.

I feel bad for the newcomers. It is encumbent upon us all to try to interest newcomers in CW. The first step, I believe, is to lobby our organizations (like ARRL, DUBUS) to continue to have meaningful CW contests, and for all of us to participate to the extent possible.”

Very wise words from our EME colleague Mike, KL6M!

Look at the last sentence again, it is spot on and leaves little doubt as to what needs to be done.

CW is King!

73/Peter SM2CEW

King of selfspotting!

CW is King! Posted on %PM, December 27 2006 20:06:54

Today I did an interesting survey..

I questioned the OH2AQ cluster for spots where the DX-call is “EME“, which is a typical way of selfspotting to get attention. I limited the amount of hits to 1000, not to overload the system.

The responce was not surprising.. out of 1000 self spots for “EME” 951 of them were for JT65 stations!!!!!

Does this tell us something.. ?

Of course it does! JT65 is not, and never has been, a tool for random operation. People have to self spot, otherwise they wouldn’t make any QSO’s!

And remember, this is only the world wide DX cluster, self spotting is even more mandatory on all of the JT65 loggers.

So, who is the King of the Kings, the selfspotter of undisputed proportions then?

Yes, you guessed it, S52LM !

There are 80 different stations listed for those 1000 selfspots, and S52LM alone stands for 253 of them!! EA6VQ is not even close with his 56 selfspots. Well done Gabriel..

Again, there are none of the obligatory “Thanks, -27db, GL!” selfspots included in these numbers, only genuine selfspots for “EME”. If I would add the “Thanks, -27db…” to my search the system would probably go down.

Again, this proves that the CW operator is really in it for the game of picking out weak signals in the noise by himself! He is proud of what he can achieve, using his skills and his knowledge!

CW is King!

73/Peter SM2CEW

Soapbox comments

CW is King! Posted on %PM, December 12 2006 19:13:21

It was time to get my EME Contest log to the ARRL! Off it went, and the robot replied:

“This is an automatic reply. Thank you for your participation in the contest and for submitting your log.”

Sure looks like my log was received this time! It has been lost numerous times before, so for a few years I did not submit a log.

But this year I felt different as it is a 20 year anniversary for EME contesting at SM2CEW. Take a look at my soapbox comments at:

A couple of suggestions there, all in the interest of keeping the contest an interesting event for CW/SSB operators. As it is now, the contest is no contest any more, and this is very unfortunate.

People have 361 days to sked each other on loggers, why would there be an absolute need to do it during a radio contest that lasts 2 x 48 hours..?!!

CW is King!

73 de Peter SM2CEW

Loggers, just a thought..

CW is King! Posted on %PM, December 09 2006 15:43:29

When someone says “radio contest” to me I think about strategies to maximize my score by keeping my radio station in top condition and using smart planning regarding band changes and working available multipliers.

However, to many VHF/UHF/SHF operators the words “radio contest” have another meaning. To them the following applies:

– Maximize my score by hanging out on as many loggers as possible!

– Make EVERYONE aware of my frequency and sequencing, repeatedly!

Please do NOT slow things down by requesting the contest exchange via the radio, signals might be VERY VERY weak!

– If I don’t make my contacts known to others they may not realize that I’ve had a contact and thereby they might miss the opportunity to work me!

Hey, it’s a revolution!

Is it for the better of amateur radio?

Of course not!smiley

CW is King!

73 de Peter SM2CEW

Committee work

CW is King! Posted on %PM, December 08 2006 21:10:23

I have been accused of making it difficult for one VUAC committee member to discuss contest matters with the ARRL after starting my blog!

This is hard to understand, because I do nothing but demand that the ARRL General Contest Rules should be enforced. And I demand that CW/SSB and digital should be separated.

How could this be a problem to an ARRL official..??

No, the true reason is probably another one, more specifically that I shouldn’t bring up any of these subject for public discussions. This is because some of what I am saying is not appreciated by this specific VUAC committee member, no matter what he says in public.

Remember, this is the guy who a couple of years ago demanded that digital should be in the same category as CW/SSB, and that Assisted class should be introduced in the ARRL EME contest.

And what was called Assisted at that time, was the same chaos that we see now, i e loggers with real time QSO liason.

Now this behaviour is judged as inappropriate by the same guy who demanded it a couple of years back..

As much as I appreciate his 180 deg spin around on this issue, I still need to be convinced that it is for the real reasons.

Many things can be said about me, but that my opinions would have this impact, and basically destroy one ARRL’s committes work is hard to believe.

Again, it is all about silencing opinions regarding matters that interest a large group of people. People who are rather convinced that the JT65 Deep Search module is one of the biggest cons in ham radio, ever!

CW is king!

73/Peter SM2CEW

CW = cheating? Not so!

CW is King! Posted on %PM, December 06 2006 18:40:41

Much of the basic foundation for justifying the lack of information exchange in JT65 Deep Seach mode is built on the statement that all CW operators cheat. All the time. This is often brought up as a truth by K1JT and his hangarounds.

Each and every serious CW operator should indeed feel insulted by this, but because most of us are just that, serious, we don’t put up much of a fight because we know it is not true.

And if we put up a fight, like on the EME reflector “Moon-Net” run by W9IP Michael Owen, we are thrown off the distribution list. W9IP we now know is not a close friend to K1JT, so this comes as a surprise.

We know that statements like “all CW operators are cheating” are nothing but lame excuses to make poor software solutions look better. But why would someone want to insult CW operators to that degree?

Well, in my opinion it is because the new invention, in this case JT65, targeted for the weak signal VHF/UHF community, is not performing so well that it outperforms a good CW operator. They are pretty much equal, give or take a dB of S/N capability.

So, some means of cheating, or as DJ5HG calls it in his recent DUBUS article, “doping”, is introduced. DJ5HG also says that if some future software solution is going to be competitive, doping is definitely needed.

Isn’t that good to know, if we CW operators are to be challenged, it takes doping to beat us..!!

73/Peter SM2CEW

Registration to my blog

CW is King! Posted on %PM, December 03 2006 21:36:29

For those trying to register via the link in K1RQG’s Net Notes, this will not work.

It was not my intention to publish a public registration key there, it was sent by me to Joe by mistake.

The intention of my blog is not for everyone to be able to write messages, quite the contrary. It is intended to present my personal view on things. And possibly the view of some of my friends, in this case about CW and matters related to diminishing the value of CW.

A blog reflects the mind of the owner. And reading a blog could be upsetting to others..

73/Peter SM2CEW

Digital contesting

CW is King! Posted on %PM, December 03 2006 17:36:31

During the recent ARRL EME contest there was full proof that the digital protocol is not designed for contesting. Numerous so called “loggers” i e real time chatboards were used to solicit “contest” QSO’s!! All in complete violation of the ARRL General contest rules.

Take a look at one example of the N0UK Logger on November 11! Can any of this be called contest operation, in accordance with the rules???

Of course not, but this is the way people operate to be able to make QSO’s with their computers.

Why worry you ask?

Well, because true contesters competing by using pure random CW operation are now compared to, and competing, in the same category as these people!!

This must be a joke you say, but unfortunately it is the truth

But why??

Well, it is evident that strong lobbying to keep CW/SSB and digital mixed, is done by the author of the WSJT software, K1JT Joe Taylor. This has cemented the ARRL’s standpoint. And as K1JT is an ARRL VHF/UHF committee member, we are not likely to see any rules change.

And it is also very evident that the ultimate goal of this contest is to see CW die, replaced by a digital protocol dependent on internet liason at all times.

This seem to be the only way to compete on even terms, breaking the ARRL General rules all the time. And as long as ARRL don’t enforce the rules, they basically make a decision to kill CW.

I just can not get this into my brain, how a trustworthy, respected radio amateur organization like the ARRL can let this happen?


CW is King! Posted on %PM, December 03 2006 17:01:49

If you have not read my page about digital communications a la JT65, I strongly advice you do so. It can be found at

For some reason the JT65 software with the so called Deep Search mode has reduced an EME QSO as we all know it to virtually non existent exchange of information.

The author, K1JT, has decided that modern weak signal operators can not wait for a full transfer of needed information, hence he is taking shortcuts in his software to reduce the “waiting time” for a complete QSO.

Out of a message with calls and report of say >56 bits, he has reduced the need to copy information to 14.2 bits instead. The rest of the info is handed to the CPU performing the decoding process via a database (textfile full of possible calls) or via the” To Radio:” and “MyCall:” input boxes.

And reports are called “Shorthand messages”, which are nothing but two tones with a given spacing, and contain no coding.

Now, to compare this to a normal EME QSO is just not possible. And to give the same credit for these marginal digital contacts in case of DXCC and contest operation is beyond my comprehension. They can not be compared, because the basic foundation is different.

* CW is all about the operator copying and verifying the information.

* CW is about the operator focusing on what is heard, not what the screen says that the computer has created from traces of info.

* CW is about skills, patience, and knowledge.

* CW is uncontested as a real mode, not a computer game

* CW is KING!

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