The world wide DX-cluster is intended to be used to spot stations, so that others can find out where they are, and possibly work them.

EA6VQ (AO6VQ) is however using the cluster to spot his logbook, and we can only speculate about the reason for it.

Take a look at this extract of the cluster, on August 31 2008:

AO6VQ 144139.0 EB3DYS JM19MP<EME>JN11CK -16 dB 1628 31 Aug
AO6VQ 144139.0 W4RBO JM19MP<EME>EL99KF -23 dB 1622 31 Aug
AO6VQ 144139.0 N4BH JM19MP<EME>EM95OC -17 dB 1613 31 Aug
AO6VQ 144139.0 DL9MS JM19MP<EME>JO54WC -22 dB 1606 31 Aug
AO6VQ 144139.0 KE7NR/P JM19MP<EME>DM54AH -13 dB 1557 31 Aug
AO6VQ 144139.0 NG9Y JM19MP<EME>EM78JT -20 dB 1551 31 Aug
AO6VQ 144139.0 VA3TO JM19MP<EME>FN03CQ -16 dB 1453 31 Aug
AO6VQ 144139.0 OH7PI JM19MP<EME>KP42HF -14 dB 1431 31 Aug
AO6VQ 144139.0 K5QE JM19MP<EME>EM31CJ -7 dB 1406 31 Aug
AO6VQ 144139.0 ES6DO JM19MP<EME>KO27WX -22 dB 1356 31 Aug
AO6VQ 144139.0 W1IPL JM19MP<EME>FN54FC -20 dB 1322 31 Aug
AO6VQ 144139.0 KA8HOK JM19MP<EME>EM89 -23 dB 1312 31 Aug
AO6VQ 144139.0 NZ3M JM19MP<EME>FN10PD -25 dB 1224 31 Aug
AO6VQ 144139.0 K4SV JM19MP<EME>EM85WF -17 dB 1216 31 Aug
AO6VQ 144139.0 EA3BB JM19MP<EME>JN01VS -18 dB 1033 31 Aug
AO6VQ 144139.0 DK5SO JM19MP<EME>JN58AV -22 dB 1004 31 Aug

Not one of these spots is intended to help others to work the station spotted, because they are all on AO6VQ’s frequency. So he is kindly providing his log to the world, for everyone connected to the cluster..

But as always, there are also other reasons for this behaviour. AO6VQ is working JT65, and as no one is ever tuning the band to look for signals, selfspotting is mandatory. So, the above is of course also selfspotting, all in the interest of letting other JT65 users know what frequency to dial up to hear AO6VQ.

Why else would he spot OH7PI and DL9MS, who he has probably worked at least 25 times over the years..

Let’s take a look at what is happening on the internet chatboards at the same time.

First the ON4KST VHF chatboard:

16:40:03 EA6VQ Gabriel ((( AO6VQ CQ EME on 144.139, JT65B, 1st )))

aha… selfspotting there too… yes, to operate JT65 one needs to be everywhere..

Ok, let’s take a look at the N0UK EME chatboard:

08/31 16:50 ((( AO6VQ CQ on 144.139, JT65B, 1st )))

aaah yes… another selfspot, in yet another place.. making effective use of JT65..

Why am I showing you this?

Well, it has to do with the topic below, that deals with the ARRL EME Competition and the Assisted category.

This is how JT65 operators operate. They constantly selfspot to work stations, even operators like EA6VQ/AO6VQ, using very large EME arrays and high power.

And to enter the ARRL EME Competition, they want to be able to use the same behaviour to put contest “QSO’s” in the log.

Amazingly the ARRL accepted this, after pressure from the WSJT inventor K1JT and digital EME operators like W5UN and others. In fact, the ARRL now encourage this behaviour as it is (again!!) allowed in the 2008 ARRL EME Competition coming up this fall.

This is surely not bringing our hobby and the operating practices forward. And I see no skills being developed when operating like this.

CW operators don’t have time to sit on loggers and chat, they are instead focusing on digging out signals from the noise, coming from the radio..

CW operators are pro’s!

CW is King!

73 de Peter SM2CEW