It is time for the 13th International EME Conference, this time in Florence, Italy.
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Over the years the EME conference has always hosted a forum, with discussions on operating practices and other matters of concern, like frequency plans and how to encourage more activity.

This time I could not see that such a forum was planned. But a good friend of mine in Italy made a suggestion to the organizers, and now a discussion regarding operating practices will take place at the conference, as usual.

My Italian friend requested me to send some input to such a discussion, and together with some other moonbouncers we came up with the following.

There are 3 proposals, all in the interest of improving EME.

Topic A – Separation of digital vs analog modes with separate Contests and Awards-Diplomas by mode.

Proposal A to the 2008 EME Conference in Florence:

Since the introduction of digital EME, it is clear that there is an imbalance between achievements making analogue or digital QSO’s. As things have turned out, there is no way of comparing historical award achievements when reading recent lists. Due to the imbalance it is also impossible for moonbouncers to rate their station in comparison to others, unless mode of operation is clearly indicated.

– We propose that the 2008 EME Conference in Florence, on behalf of the moonbounce community, send a proposal to issuers of awards and diplomas to make clear distinctions between analogue and digital in their programs.

Topic B – Online QSO exchange information to be banned

Proposal B to the 2008 EME Conference in Florence:

Over the years, the forum at each international EME conference has been focusing on operation practices for EME traffic. The decisions of these discussions have been well documented, and are always available via the GM3SEK website.

The QSO integrity has always been seen as top priority during these discussions, hence specific guidelines of QSO exchanges and procedures in the GM3SEK document. In recent years, violations of these guidelines and procedures are often up for discussion in different forums. This is due to the fact that new tools are available today, namely internet chatboards that allow real time communication, parallell to the ongoing EME QSO.

– We propose that the 2008 EME Conference in Florence, on behalf of the EME community, clearly state that online and real time QSO information exchanged during the QSO renders the contact incomplete. We also propose that the EME procedure documents on the GM3SEK website are updated accordingly with this statement.

Topic C – How to revert to Random QSOs instead of Logger QSOs.

Proposal C to the 2008 EME Conference in Florence:

In the interest of making the radio link of an EME QSO worth more, focus should more be on random operation rather than chatboard arranged QSO’s. This is mainly a behaviour of the digital community, and this results in the fact that stations trying to make random contacts are seldom acknowledged.

This is especially true when expeditions are active, skedlists are all administered via the real time communication on internet chatboards. Therefore, stations unable or unwilling to use chatboards are to be considered lucky if they manage to break a string of skeds with their random call.

– We propose that the 2008 EME Conference in Florence, on behalf of the EME community, establish and present guidelines intended to improve random operation. This can be through suggestions of frequency windows for random operation, for example 144.120 – 144.125 for digital, and 144.045 – 144.050 for analogue CW, or via suggestions of channelized operations in some form.

– We also propose that the 2008 EME Conference in Florence, on behalf of the EME community, strongly encourage DX-expeditions to do more random operation. This is easily done if the DX-expedition is not logging on to chatboards while operating.

– Last but not least, we propose that the 2008 EME Conference in Florence, on behalf of the EME community, suggests that contest organizers penalize sked QSO’s in a way that leads to more random operation. As a contest is about making QSO’s via the airwaves, contacts without parallell liason should be of considerable higher value.

End of proposals.

In the proposals above there is a reference to “we” in many places. I think I can state, without being overly cautious, that the proposals above are supported by me, SV1BTR, DL5MAE, SV3AAF, LZ2US and many more active moonbouncers.

CW is King!

73 de Peter SM2CEW