I am curious, why do people care so much about getting the calls of expeditions and new stations into the CALL3.TXT file in WSJT?

This file is essential for the Deep Search decoder, and if the call is not in that file, the fractional reception of data will not result in calls printed on the computer screen.

The author of the program, responsible for the con, says this and I quote K1JT:

Anyone who uses JT65 regularly knows that some 95% of all
QSOs using this mode have no need for the DS algorithm and
make no use of it at all.

This statement, as written, can only mean that the ones who do need DS
actually make QSO’s of less value than non-DS QSO’s? Why is the
functionality available then? smiley

Facts are:

Most all of the recently achieved DXCC’s rely heavily on Deep Search.
– 50 MHz EME rely hevily on Deep Search.
– EME DX-peditions rely heavily on Deep Search.

Some people now take pride in telling us how they use JT65, but never use DS. If
the DS concept would have been discussed before launching, would the EME
community have greeted it with open arms then?

Don’t think so. smiley

A while back many people were emptying their CALL3.TXT file to stop Deep
Search (on K1JT’s suggestion) when they discovered what it was all about.
Only to learn later that they could never switch DS off, when they put a
call in the “To Radio” box they always activated DS.

I appreciate the fact that people using JT65 take pride in not using DS, I
would just like to know why they say that??

But when K1JT says that 95% of the QSO’s made using JT65 have no need for the DS decoder, I am convinced that he is wrong. Why would every new operator, and DX-expedtion, be so eager to be in listed in the file if it had no effect on their EME operations?

No, the truth is that DS is providing QSO’s that aren’t QSO’s, and the impatient digital operator doesn’t mind the cheating this service is providing.

Has there ever been a need for a CW operator to get his call into a text file on a computer to be able to make QSO’s?

Of course not! smiley

CW is King!

73 de Peter SM2CEW

73 de Peter, SM2CEW