No matter what people like DF2ZC says in attempts to justify Deep Search, it is clear that he and others just drift around in circles.

Implying that the decoder is actually fullfilling the requirement of transferring full QSO data is nothing but a lame excuse for wanting everything, without putting in the real effort.

Klaus DJ5HG explains very well the truth behind the decoder, and the full concept.

This DS concept is only there because K1JT decided that a modern operator doesn’t have the patience to wait. Wait for an EME signal to be strong enough, or for the time when his station is REALLY capable of transferring the required information via the EME path.

The decision to releive the operator from the wait was the only way to gain the desired boost in interest for his digital software. JT44 and JT65 in it’s original form was not performing so well compared to traditional modes that it created enough of a crowd, apparently.

So, “extra dB’s” of sensitivity was invented, but as we now this is not the real truth.

I am often accused of talking rubbish (again today.. I quote “That is rubbish!”) when I say that the DS decoder is filling in missing information. Well, in all aspects it is doing just that!

How else can receiving fractions of a message, matching it with a full message, and then printing the full message not be filling in of information?! I don’t care if information technology calls this something else, this is what is going on.

So, something that was never received is presented to the impatient operator in full, as it is (and must be) known in advance. This is done just because someone (K1JT) decided that a modern operator can not wait long enough.

Then we come to the real issue, namely the demand from K1JT, DF2ZC and others that these so called contacts “must” be considered as valid, with full status for all known purposes.

– Do I need to say that I disagree..?!

Let’s move now to the IARU Region 1 meteorscatter procedure. This procedure is essentially identical to the old and well established EME procedure. Not one of the presently active Eu meteorscatter operators accept a QSO as being complete, without full copy of the required information, meaning all characters. This is taken to the extreme many times, and contacts are rejected if any of the information is missing or wrong.

We are still talking about digital transfer (FSK), but the same crowd that happily accepts K1JT’s fractional DS decoder concept for EME contacts, now dismiss such a concept for meteor scatter.

Partly, this is of course because there is an established and well documented IARU Region 1 MS procedure. K1JT even programmed his FSK441 software to comply with this procedure, and it is selectable.

But it is also because when playing meteorscatter the operator doesn’t have to wait for signals to get stronger, or for his radio station to grow to proper proportions to copy signals. Meteorscatter is just easier, so even the impatient accepts a full transfer procedure.

I feel that this is hypocrisy, and it can only be explained by returning to the fact that some want it all, for little or nothing.

And in this regard Deep Search has delivered, big time.

But, as I state in my article ( the one man decision is also leading us on a trail away from RF transfer of information, to a “let the computer fill in what you need to make this impossible contact” situation that is deteriorating our hobby.

The best outcome would be if for instance the IARU Region 1, being the region with most insight into VHF/UHF/SHF operations, would look at this as they did with the meteorscatter procedure. That is, continue the work that was started in Vienna in 2007, namely defining the criteria for a valid digital QSO.

Meanwhile, sponsors of award programs like DXCC should revise their decision to mix contacts of less value with contacts of historical status. The same goes for events like the ARRL EME contest, where the divison should be made in dates, not in 100+ categories.

And I think a good discussion for the EME meeting in Florence 2008 would be how to highlight and sponsor RF transfer, while minimizing the “assistance” via internet loggers, AND doped computer decoding concepts.

We would all benefit from that, and we would also prove that David G4DHF is right;

RF is King!

When saying so, he defined our mutual goal, in very few words. And I think that you all now know what this means!

And when pumping out RF in the form of dots and dashes, we certainly have the most fun!

CW is King!

73 de Peter SM2CEW