I just need to tell you this story about a meteorscatter QSO I had today on 144 MHz with Toralf DJ8MS at a distance of >1400km.

Meteorscatter is like fishing, you never know what to expect. Toralf and I have made numerous QSO’s reflecting signals via meteor trails before, but this time the antenna at his end was certainly a bit different.

Take a look at this picture… Can you spot the antenna??

Blog Image

Yes, it’s an HB9CV, strung up with ropes in Toralfs apartment window, pointing north.. With a Mickey Mouse lookalike “Twiggle” dangling on the RG-58 feedline..

We completed via meteorscatter in about 10 minutes, and Toralf was running 150w into the HB9CV.

CW QSO of course?!? No, we used DIGITAL mode, WSJT FSK441..!!

Digital mode… SM2CEW…??! Yes, it is for real… occasionally I am using digital modes.

FSK441 transfer is character by character, just like with CW, only at higher speed.

So, what is sent is also being decoded, and there is no Deep Search database to fake a QSO by filling in stuff that was never received.

Well done Toralf, your HB9CV in the window is reaching out very well! I know, because just like in CW, all of the info was passed via the radio.

CW is King!

73 de Peter SM2CEW