I am not that involved with the N0UK JT65 EME chat, but it for some reason my desire to highlight some of the goodies going on there can make me the third party of a QSO…

Check this out, it’s a beautiful logger talk through QSO-session between HB9Q, DF2ZC and HL4GHT. Bernd and Dan are carrying on as usual, chatting away so they won’t loose the grip of this rare DX station ..

– HL4HGT…pse ur freq, Kim? (DF2ZC Bernd)
– 144.150. JT6B (HL4GHT Kim)
– HL4GHT Kim, I will call you next period! GL! (HB9Q Dan)
– Dan, thanks (HL4GHT Kim)
– HL4HGT….Kim, is possible after Dan? (DF2ZC Bernd)
– 155900 3 -22 2.5 242 1 * HL4GHT HB9Q JN47 1 10 (HL4GHT Kim)
– HL4GHT Kim, please do not spot details of an ongoing QSO! (HB9Q Dan)smiley
– HL4HGT…..calling you now after Dan, Kim. yes? (DF2ZC Bernd)
– HL4GHT Kim, mni tnx fr fb QSO! 160000 0 -26 2.5 -11 2 * HB9Q HL4GHT PM35 0 6 (HB9Q Dan)
– Bernd, ok (HL4GHT Kim)
– sri…txd wrong callsign HL4HGT…now correct HL4GHT (DF2ZC Bernd)smiley
– Bernd, thanks nice qso. (HL4GHT Kim)
– 160900 2 -25 2.5 223 3 * HL4GHT DF2ZC JO30 1 10 (HL4GHT Kim)
– HL4GHT…Kim, pse continue…with callsigns not complete yet (DF2ZC Bernd)smiley
– Callsigns and if you copy me O (DF2ZC Bernd)smiley
– 161500 3 -25 2.5 223 3 * HL4GHT DF2ZC JO30 1 10 (HL4GHT Kim)
– HL4GHT….nw rx ur 73s, many thanks for nice QSO. only my 2nd HL station 🙂 (DF2ZC Bernd)
– 162400 2 -30 -190 1 73 (DF2ZC Bernd)

– SM2CEW? Did you take all notes Peter or do you want me to send you a transcript? 😉 (DF2ZC Bernd)

There it is…!! The third party traffic.. and I was not even there at the time..smiley

Bernd could sense that this would end up on my blog, I just wonder why…?

Could it be because he knew that the contact would never have taken place without explicit instructions to HL4GHT what to send, and when..?

Of course that’s the reason. And I am being treated as the third party, the book keeper in SM2.. love it..smiley

As Philippe said to Bernd after his “QSO”:

– well done bernd!! (F1DUZ)

I agree!

By the way, this past weekend I took part in the Dubus 432 MHz CW EME contest.
It was pure fun, all random, and all contacts were made via the radio!

– Needless to say, CW is King!
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73 de Peter SM2CEW