W7GJ told us this on the Moon-Net reflector:

It was definitely worth getting up at 4 am this morning! I completed with JD1BMP on 2m at 1141Z, and then completed with BY7PP on 6m at 1216Z. Both were new DXCC for me, and the BY7PP contact was the first EME contact from BY, and a first for North America on 6m.

BY7PP was running a single Create 6 element yagi, horizontally polarized, aimed at the horizon on their moonrise, with 100w. Their JT65A signal was only -31 dB here – obviously the absolute minimum signal possible for me – I had not really expected to copy anything from them until they get more power, so I was quite pleasantly surprised! Degredation today was 2.9 dB and Kp index was 2.3“

Well.. choosing the word “copy” is highly misleading, to say the least. But it is part of the marketing of JT65, and Deep Search in particular. So it is no surprise that this word is chosen, check out my “History of a con artist” below for more reference regarding this.

At the signal level reported, very little is actually copied, the rest is filled in from the information in the “To Radio:” box of the program.

DL8EBW who is an active moonbouncer once told a friend on a chatboard that the way to get a small station in the log is to set the sync negative, and switch on “Agressive decode”. Then you just have to sit back and wait for the right call to pop up. After that he said, you can put the parameters back to default.

So how much information was actually received at W7GJ that morning? smiley
– Not even information equivalent to two characters is the answer… smiley

Thats pretty good DXCC value for those fragments of information received..! smiley

One particular German say, that when I present this information, I also qualify for membership in a group who believe that the earth is a disk..

Well, I can tell you.. the people who say this are part of the group who believe that the Deep Search module in JT65 is capable of decoding full EME messages… smiley


– QSO’s made using the Deep Search module are worth nothing.
– A DXCC award achieved by using the Deep Search module is worth nothing!

CW is King!
73 de Peter SM2CEW