You know that I have said it before, but the JT65 Deep Search module is part of the dumbing down of our beloved moonbounce hobby..

But fortunately, with the help of chatboard loggers (!!) people can be put straight.. if only the experienced take time, or have the guts to do it.

Our sincere thanks this time for helping out go to KB8RQ and W7MEM.. else VE6CPP probably would have counted HS2CRU as a new DXCC..

From the N0UK Digital café:

01:51 Ahh.. I messed up again!! HS2CRU ?? (VE6CPP)
01:53 I think i missed a decode when i changed freq.. thats twice
now! Ime learning! lol de (VE6CPP)
01:54 VE6CPP would you like to try a few sequences with
me? (W0PT)
01:54 we can try Bill.. ime running outta Moon here.. .127? (VE6CPP)
01:55 VE6CPP Jer what frequency you on? I copied you a while
ago at -23. (KB8RQ)
01:56 .127.. copied HS2CRU sending me a Rpt.. (VE6CPP)

01:56 qsy to .112.. 1st.. (VE6CPP)
01:56 That is a false decode. I have been on 127 for a long time. (KB8RQ)
01:58 Anything with a ? mark is a false decode. (KB8RQ)

01:58 013700 0 -5 6.6 59 1 # VE6CPP HS2CRU OK03 OOO 0 8 ? (VE6CPP)

02:00 I think it was when i chngd freq.. went to look for another
02:00 There is a ? mark at the end. That means it is a bad decode. (KB8RQ)
02:01 No.. the ? was from me !! I think it was a Gud Decode.. just
Inexperienced Op’ that QSY’d too fast!! (VE6CPP)

02:05 HS2CRU OK03 Does not even have a moon for many hours yet. (KB8RQ)
02:07 I belive HS2CRU is also QRT (W7MEM)”


So, HS2CRU did not have moon… ouch… and he is known to be QRT… double ouch..

But, isn’t it amazing though, when we think about it..

The false decode “accidentally” contains this newcomers exact call, and the other station IS sending him a report..!!

So, we are back where we started, how can we ever trust people who claim they worked this or that, when the Deep Search module invented by K1JT was doing the work for them..??!

To me it is still unbelievable that so called QSO’s by using the Deep Search module gain the same status as regular old CW/SSB QSO’s for contests, DXCC or other award programs.

For obvious reasons,
CW is King!!

73 de Peter SM2CEW