The other night I was going through some old email archives, just taking a look at what was being said a few years back when Deep Search was launched.

This interesting statement from K1JT popped out of the archives:

A new decoder for JT65 modes that is about 4 dB more sensitive than any previous version. Some new features also serve to make JT65 more “random friendly” in operation.

With the new JT65 decoder, full decodes of standard EME messages (two callsigns, a grid locator, and an optional “OOO” signal report) are now accomplished more than half of the time at a signal level of -28 dB relative to the noise power in 2500 Hz bandwidth.”

Joe was launching his 4.9 version of WSJT, with the brand new Deep Search decoder.

Take a look at the last paragraph..

With the new JT65 decoder, full decodes of standard EME messages
(two callsigns, a grid locator, and an optional “OOO” signal report)
are now accomplished”

Anyone reading this will surely get the impression that the decoder is really decoding a full message, with grid locator and report, equivalent to at least 56 bits of data.

Nothing could be more wrong! In fact, when using the sked feature, less than 10 bits is needed to make the “QSO”…

There is nothing like a full decode taking place in Deep Search, not EVER!

So, one starts thinking, why would K1JT say what he said when he launched Deep Search?

– The obvious reason is that if he had told us the truth about his program, very few moonbouncers would have accepted the obvious shortcut!

So, instead he agressively told people who were doubtful that they were WRONG.

Another email from K1JT to the Moon-Net reflector:

Peter Sundberg wrote:

> From what I can understand reading Kens report your own callsign
> is never being decoded properly during a so called “deep search”.

This is not correct. Again, I refer you to the links given above, which
contain reasonably complete summaries of how the v4.9 JT65 decoder works.

By all means, let’s discuss here on Moon-Net anything that may be of
interest to the list at large. If you are interested in further
details, ask away! However, I really do not have the time to repeat in
separate emails things that are already well documented in earlier
messages and/or and posted on my web site.

With best wishes,
— 73, Joe, K1JT”

Oops.. I stepped on someones toes.. just by asking..

And again we are handed a false statement, because at no point did K1JT want to disclose the fact that if you click the “Sked” option, data to the amount of one character is what the Deep Search decoder is using to print a full EME message..

Again, I wonder why K1JT didn’t tell us this at that point??? smiley

– Could it be that the truth would not have served his purpose at that time?

– Could it be that he wanted people to start making contacts, to complete WAC, to complete WAS, to complete DXCC, and to be totally absorbed by success, before they received word that hardly anything was received via the radio waves?

I think so………. smiley

A CW man would never even imply that he copied both calls, a locator and a report after he received a single letter from the other station..!

A CW man is proud of his achievements, because they are for real.

CW is King!!

73 de Peter SM2CEW