As always after the ARRL EME contest there is a discussion regarding the rules. In recent years, the discussion has mainly been about “Assisted” since this category was forced into the contest format a few years back by the digital crowd. At that time W5UN and K1JT was leading the way, as they spoke about the modern way of operating a contest.

This year “Assisted” is basically for newcomers (!!!), that are participating in the EME contest for the first time (K1JT’s own words).

IK1UWL made a comment to this and say’s:

Admitting self spotting entails more activity which benefits also the top guns who can operate unassisted. And self spotting is a great benefit also for small stations. I worked a lot of very small stations thanks to self spotting, which I would probably not have detected with S&P, same for them.

And the number of stations calling CQ was much bigger with respect to contests which do not allow self spotting, this increased very much the number of qsos possible and the number of participants who found satisfaction in operating this weekend.

So I hope that self spotting will return in full in future rules, without separation between assisted and unassisted; amusement and participation will benefit from this.


73 to all from Gio IK1UWL“

In my radio heart I feel sorry when I read this. smiley

Gio is saying that we should all be continously spotting our presence, i e TX period and frequency, during the entire contest. He is also saying that this will create amusement for all participants.

Let me tell you one thing Gio, NOT FOR ME! I would not be amused, and I will never operate a radio contest that way!

A radio contest is where the most skilled operator, possibly with the best setup, will send in the highest score.

Hunting QSO-partners on internet chatboard loggers and clusters has nothing to with entering a radio contest. Making contacts that way is not about skills, it’s about having access to as many non radio communcation tools as possible to score well.

So we ask ourselves;

– Where did Gio find all of his amusement and fun in this years EME Contest??

You’re right, with the digital crowd, of course..!

CW operators on the other hand, spend their time looking for stations, decoding their messages by ear. Talk about skills!

I made my QSO’s between 144.040 – 144.060 this time, and I found every station by spinning the dial, listening for signals.

Talk about amusement!! smiley

CW is King!

73 de Peter SM2CEW