Some DX-expeditions are eager to help the guy at the other end work them!

When the Deep Search decoder set to “Normal” is not doing it (!!), here’s what the digital professionals suggest:

08/06 03:34 ok Frank but here nil now (HA6NQ)
08/06 03:35 sign will come over..same story each night arround this time sanyi (D44/DL8YHR)
08/06 03:41 going up but not enough (HA6NQ)
08/06 03:42 set sync to -2 freez qrg and mark agressive decoding (D44/DL8YHR)
08/06 03:43 put my call and my grid in the to radio box and add it (D44/DL8YHR)
08/06 03:43 will give you some extra db (D44/DL8YHR)
08/06 03:43 i did it Frank (HA6NQ)
08/06 03:44 ok…fb (D44/DL8YHR)

I my view, this is a ridiculous game, invented by K1JT.

– if you REALLY can’t see calls, then lower the decoder treshold to the point where the software will produce it anyway.. smiley

Is there any other explanation why the advice above is handed out?

It’s like saying to a CW operator:

– forget about what you are not hearing, imagine you heard it, and go for it!

No, we CW phantoms don’t buy that, we stick to the procedure and try again if we’re not successful.

There is NO SUCH THING as “Agressive decode” in our world!!!!

CW is King!!!! smiley

73 de Peter SM2CEW

Oh, by the way.. D44/DL8YHR’s reference to S/N dB’s.. is.. bollocks… but you all know by now that this is how K1JT marketed the feature.