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No Deep Search decode? This will get you going..!

CW is King! Posted on %PM, October 28 2007 12:52:09

Some DX-expeditions are eager to help the guy at the other end work them!

When the Deep Search decoder set to “Normal” is not doing it (!!), here’s what the digital professionals suggest:

08/06 03:34 ok Frank but here nil now (HA6NQ)
08/06 03:35 sign will come over..same story each night arround this time sanyi (D44/DL8YHR)
08/06 03:41 going up but not enough (HA6NQ)
08/06 03:42 set sync to -2 freez qrg and mark agressive decoding (D44/DL8YHR)
08/06 03:43 put my call and my grid in the to radio box and add it (D44/DL8YHR)
08/06 03:43 will give you some extra db (D44/DL8YHR)
08/06 03:43 i did it Frank (HA6NQ)
08/06 03:44 ok…fb (D44/DL8YHR)

I my view, this is a ridiculous game, invented by K1JT.

– if you REALLY can’t see calls, then lower the decoder treshold to the point where the software will produce it anyway.. smiley

Is there any other explanation why the advice above is handed out?

It’s like saying to a CW operator:

– forget about what you are not hearing, imagine you heard it, and go for it!

No, we CW phantoms don’t buy that, we stick to the procedure and try again if we’re not successful.

There is NO SUCH THING as “Agressive decode” in our world!!!!

CW is King!!!! smiley

73 de Peter SM2CEW

Oh, by the way.. D44/DL8YHR’s reference to S/N dB’s.. is.. bollocks… but you all know by now that this is how K1JT marketed the feature.

Please lower your power, you’re too loud for a decode…!

CW is King! Posted on %PM, October 28 2007 12:06:29

Yes, there are times when you see things on chat pages that are unimaginable…

Recently there was a good tropo opening from the UK to the European contintent. Stations were working each other easily on CW and phone, as normal when signals are good.

But of course, some stations need to use the most difficult mode to communicate under such conditions, JT65..

Here is what went down on the ON4KST chatboard when G4IGO wanted to come on the band and works some guys on digital:

G4IGO Ken CQ JT65A tropo on 180 second to EU
G4IGO Ken SRI – jt65B no 65a
DG0OPK Michael nein… G4IGO BIG MS
DD0VF-1 Steffen@VHFQTH G4IGO -22 no decode
DG0OPK Michael KEN MS destroys JT65…
G4IGO Ken Station calling – Steffeen – so strong that jt65 will not decode. Will go down in power – please the same
DD0VF-1 Steffen@VHFQTH now decode Ken
G4IGO Ken RR Michael – i have station that is s9 and plus – but no decode.
OE5MPL Pete G4IGO 194100 7 -22 0.4 -121 3 * QRZ G4IGO IO80
DD0VF-1 Steffen@VHFQTH 194100 8 -12 0.3 -73 3 * QRZ G4IGO IO80
G4IGO Ken Guys – call me 50 and 100 low frequency please – i sort you out.
G4IGO Ken 50 and 100 hz..………
G4IGO Ken Peter – i call you next – you were too strong earlier

I love it!!!

you were too strong earlier ” smiley

Says it all really… why make it easy when it can be complicated the JT65 way..?? smiley

A CW operator spends his time communicating on the radio, digitalists spend their time talking to one another about how to get the program to decode what they want to see..

Yepp, CW is King!

73 de Peter SM2CEW

Mapping the digital band, fun or.. ?

CW is King! Posted on %AM, October 28 2007 11:38:17

There hasn’t been an update of my blog for a while, but don’t despair. It’s because I’ve been busy writing a full length article about “Deep Search” for the Swedish ham radio magazine QTC.

Now I am back here, and again I am in a philosophical mood..

MAP65.. the new toy for digitalists. This software is an addition to WSJT and can map a full frequency spectrum where JT65 users hang out. Take a look at an extact from a MAP65 display, presented at K1JT’s homepage (slightly edited to conform with text formatting on this blog):

-491 156 0758 -21 RK3WWF I1ANP JN44
-309 168 0746 -17 RK3WWF SV8CS KM07
-309 173 0754 -19 RK3WWF SV8CS KM07
-189 0 0745 -22 RRR
-189 175 0755 -20 CQ RK3WWF KO72
-189 175 0757 -20 CQ RK3WWF KO72
-189 172 0759 -18 CQ RK3WWF KO72
139 164 0758 -19 RK3WWF N5KDA EM41

244 75 0754 -17 CQ K7MAC DN13
250 71 0756 -16 CQ K7MAC DN13
247 72 0758 -17 CQ K7MAC DN13

-255 87 0752 -21 YO9FRJ EB1DNK IN62
-255 89 0754 -24 YO9FRJ EB1DNK IN62
-255 91 0756 -21 YO9FRJ EB1DNK IN62
-255 88 0758 -20 YO9FRJ EB1DNK IN62
55 178 0745 -13 CQ YO9FRJ KN34
108 73 0754 -24 YO9FRJ W1FKF FN42

-221 3 0755 -18 K6MYC RN4AT LN29
-224 1 0757 -21 K6MYC RN4AT LN29
-230 0 0759 -19 RO
– 42 164 0759 -22 KB8RQ UA9FAD LO88
289 179 0746 -14 WA8RJF K6MYC DM07 OOO
283 0 0748 -21 RRR
289 179 0750 -15 UA9FAD K6MYC DM07 OOO
289 2 0752 -15 UA9FAD K6MYC DM07 OOO
292 3 0754 -15 F6APE K6MYC DM07 OOO
289 0 0756 -19 RRR
292 179 0758 -14 RN4AT K6MYC DM07 OOO

What we see are neatly presented decodes of everything that takes place on four different VHF frequencies (channels), during a period of a few minutes.

The original display presented by K1JT shows many more “channels”, namely a frequency spectrum from 144.114 – 144.156 MHz. Everything the computer can see on these channels is presented in the same style as above.

Now back to my philosophical thoughts.. is this good? Is this fun?

As much as I try, I can’t see the challenge, or any fun in operating my EME-station this way! It is basically like watching the news on TV.

You don’t even have to be on a certain frequency to know what is going on there. You don’t look for other stations, they are looked up for you, so you can click on the text message on the computer screen and let the two computers talk to each other.

NOT my cup of tea!

Any CW phantoms out there who agree with me??

I know you do, because we’re in it for the fun, we work stations the real way using our skills and our brain to decode the message.

CW is King!!!

73 de Peter SM2CEW