As we know, the JT65 Deep Search module is not decoding calls, it is faking full copy by printing calls on the screen after receiving fragments and comparing them to known info.

This is not new, but when striving to make all possible shortcuts, Joe Taylor K1JT designed the Deep Search module in such a way that it can’t communicate callsigns.

That’s not all he did, he also restricted the possible calls available in JT65, and this has lead to some interesting situations.

Take a look below at what’s been going on lately on the N0UK Logger chat. I will guide you through the mysteries behind some of the comments..

The station leading the crowd this time is Peter, PJ4/PA3CNX.

Yes.. you guessed it, PJ4/PA3CNX is not a call that JT65 can communicate. So to work Peter you need to fiddle with some settings. Hence, this messages is appearing on the N0UK logger every now and then, else PJ4 can’t be worked. Anyone who is not on the logger chat will never know and won’t be making a contact, no matter how good EME setup they have.

08/14 18:17 ** CQ PJ4/PA3CNX 144.149 TX first ** (PJ4/PA3CNX Peter)
08/14 18:18 *** to work me first look at under PJ4EME *** (PJ4/PA3CNX Peter )

Wow… apparently the message is RTFM to work me! Blog ImageSo, what happens after this announcement? This…

08/14 18:25 I only get PJ4/PA3CNX PA ???????? please look at my website how to change your settings (under PJ4EME button (PJ4/PA3CNX Peter )

Someone is calling Peter, but he can’t get the call because this someone has not set his WSJT program up to allow this contact to be made..

More people are listening, and seeing the same thing:

08/14 18:25 182400 0 -28 3.4 -237 3 * CQ PJ4/PA3CNX (DG0OPK Michael)
08/14 18:27 182500 6 -20 2.5 -172 3 * PJ4/PA3CNX PA same via moon, who ??? (DL4DWA Uwe)
08/14 18:27 182600 2 -23 3.4 -22 2 * CQ CN/PA3CNX 1 0 (CN8LI Said)

But hang on now…!!!! CN8LI is hearing CN/PA3CNX!!?? Said is sensing this might be wrong, so his next message on the logger is:

08/14 18:28 hi 2 all. That’s what i receive from moon (CN8LI Said)

Sure, received from moon…
Can’t be, it sure wasn’t transmitted that way!
Michael DG0OPK let’s us know that this sure is no surprise by saying:

08/14 18:30 same game like yesterday with the PREFIX…. (DG0OPK Michael)

Aha… this someone calling has not RTFM it seems..
And as the JT65 program can’t communicate the call we are now in Deep Shit..

Someone is clearly calling, but it’s impossible to see who it is and everyone is telling him this on the logger.

The caller is discouraged by his apparent lack of success, and stops. Peter PJ4/PA3CNX says:

08/14 18:33 It seems that my caller is gone so now CQ again on 144.149 PJ4 TX 1st (PJ4/PA3CNX Peter)

Helping hands smiley immidiately report what they hear coming back to Peters CQ:

08/14 18:36 Strange decode: 183500 3 -20 0.0 145 4 * PA3CMC 1 0 (PA3CEE Eltje)

08/14 18:36 183500 7 -10 -0.1 153 6 * PA3CMC 1 0 your transmission not ok !! (DL4DWA Uwe)

08/14 18:37 183200 0 -25 3.4 -22 1 # PA25FMF PJ4/P OOO 1 0 (CN8LI Said)

Someone has clearly not RTFM… so Rene PE1L tries to help again! smileysmiley

08/14 18:37 Add PJ4 in capitals in Setup Options DXCC prefix (PE1L Rene )

Ooops… that did it.. now the helping hands all decode the mystery station! smiley
But someone is still not set up right.. or is the program guessing the wrong callsign..?

08/14 18:37 I decode this : 183500 12 -13 -0.1 19 5 * PA/PA3CNX PA3CMC 1 0 (PA5KM Coen)

08/14 18:37 Uwe 183500 6 -16 0.2 167 3 * PJ4/PA3CNX PA3CMC 1 0 (DG0OPK Michael)

08/14 18:37 183500 6 -22 2.6 59 3 * PJ4/PA3CNX PA3CMC 1 0 (CN8LI Said)

Michael DG0OPK is apparently beginning to think that this is just a little bit too much.. look at his message at this stage:

08/14 18:38 F2 and change the Prefix….to PJ4…that is not 100% correct i think…BLOG for PETER…. (DG0OPK Michael)

YES!!! It sure made it to the SM2CEW Blog, that’s 100% correct… !!!!smileysmiley

08/14 18:40 TNX all for reports was concernd, but think it is ok (PA3CMC Lins)
08/14 18:40 PA3CMC tnx QSO Lins best -23 dB here (PJ4/PA3CNX Peter)
08/14 18:41 PJ4/PA3CNX bedankt qso Peter, had de hoofdletters pj4 over het hoofd gezien, (PA3CMC Lins)

Aaah… another fine JT65 QSO! Putting PJ4, in capital letters, in the right place in the “Options” screen sure perfected that QSO! And with all the help from logger hangarounds, how can anyone ever fail??

However, Michael DG0OPK is still a bit concerned, so he mentions that the >4 year old JT65 software that has given plenty of people VHF DXCC in no time is not 100% yet..

08/14 18:40 dont forget JT65 is an experimental mode and not perfect…. (DG0OPK Michael)

Well Michael, for the forgiving, it is PERFECT! And they LOVE it!

Arno, PE1RDP sums all this up pretty well by saying:

08/14 18:41 Work DXCC in 1 hour 😉 (PE1RDP Arno)

If you have read this far, you know by now what I am going to say…

– loggers…………smiley
– jt65 software….smiley
– so called JT65 QSO’s……smiley

Remember, what some of these people saw on their screen is not what the program received, it is what the program was GUESSING that someone was transmitting!

Is there ANY chance that this would have happened on CW???!!!

– Not a chance!

Do we admire the JT65 operators for abiding to the message at the top of the N0UK logger page saying:
Exchanging any contact details on here before you’re complete, invalidates the contact!

– No we sure don’t, this rule is violated all the time!

CW is King!!!! smileysmiley

73 de Peter SM2CEW

(By the way, RTFM = Read The Fucking Manual)