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Why do people want DX-expeditions to use JT65??

CW is King! Posted on %PM, July 22 2007 20:07:47

During the recent DX-expedition to 1A0KM the operators Wolfgang DL5MAE and Ben DL6RAI decided not to use JT65.

This came as no surprise, as Wolfgang has expressed a strong opinion against computer to computer QSO’s, he wants to do the decoding himself.

Anyhow, the discussion started on the EME reflectors, and this is what EA3DXU said:

Hi All
As some 144 EME CW hams do.
I will ask why 1A0KM will not be QRV also on JT65B like PJ4EME ? or only
the JT65B hams must also be QRV on CW , but the CW hams are free of this
requisite ?

73 de Josep EA3DXU“

Joseps question is of course valid, and he is entitled to ask the question. And he was not the only one who asked the same question.

But the nature of the question is what interests me, why do they want JT65 so badly?

Well of course, the answer is:
-they need Deep Search! It’s not JT65 they want, THEY WANT DEEP SEARCH!

They desperately need the 10-bit decoding module that will never fail, and that uses fractions of EME message to print full calls, report and locator. And they need the shorthand messages that need not be decoded, just claimed that they’ve been seen on the Spectran screen.

This is why people are so eager that JT65 should be used instead of real communication modes like CW or SSB. They want to “score”, without having to put any effort into the EME game.

So, what conclusions can we draw from this then?

– Well, first of all, we must see it as a full reckognition of CW EME being a truly challenging mode!

– Secondly, having said that, we clearly see that there is no way to compare a CW EME QSO with a JT65 one.

– Third, but we knew this already.. CW is King!!

73 de Peter SM2CEW

Are all QSO’s the same..?? No way..!

CW is King! Posted on %PM, July 22 2007 19:42:34

Digital, especially in the form of JT65 Deep Search and “shorthand messages” as we know is not really a QSO by any standard.

But when things are taken even further by the operator, eager and determined to complete the QSO no matter what, logger chats are indeed the tool for them.

Look at this is an extract from the ON4KST logger on July 22, 2007, between 1240-1321 GMT:

12:42:15Z YU7EW Pista LZ1BB You copy me vie EME?
12:43:19Z LZ1BB Harry
YU7EW no. Here only 4el. Pse continue via tropo
12:43:46Z YU7EW Pista
LZ1BB OK Goo tropo
12:48:56Z YU7EW Pista
LZ1BB QSB frm -13 to -20 dB
12:50:11Z LZ1BB Harry
YU7EW I still wait my report. Need ur square for JT65 VUCC
12:55:50Z YU7EW Pista
lz1bb qsb???
12:56:53Z LZ1BB Harry
YU7EW yes QSB I still transmit
12:57:47Z YU7EW Pista
LZ1BB OK i transmit also
13:06:06Z YU7EW Pista
LZ1BB SRI electr POWER aout I restarted only computer
13:06:34Z LZ1BB Harry
ok I still continue and wait my report
13:07:49Z YU7EW Pista
13:12:40Z LZ1BB Harry
Pista don’t you decode me? Couse I do receive only msg 1
13:14:08Z YU7EW Pista
131200 1 -25 -0.6 261 3 # YU7EW LZ1BB KN12 OOO 1 0
13:14:35Z LZ1BB Harry
OK Pista, then change the message 🙂
13:15:36Z LZ1BB Harry
130900 6 -17 0.1 -261 3 * LZ1BB YU7EW KN05 1 10
13:15:59Z LZ1BB Harry
I need my report
13:18:26Z YU7EW Pista
131600 8 -26 277 5 RRR ?
13:18:48Z LZ1BB Harry
131500 9 -26 -276 2 RO
13:19:00Z LZ1BB Harry
131700 10 -17 -283 3 RRR
13:19:55Z LZ1BB Harry
I think it is good one. Many thanks Pista for your patiente and new # for my JT65 VUCC
13:22:21Z LZ1BB Harry
Pista will send both qsl togather. 73 &GGL!
13:21:22Z YU7EW Pista
LZ1BB OK Harry QSL both direct I send also direct

Not in a million years would these two gentlemen have completed their so called QSO without the constant chatting on the logger!!

This is a blatant violation of all QSO rules, and how Harry can say that he will claim this one for a VUCC award is appauling.

Well then, may we suggest that this is a one time event???

Not so! The JT65 loggers are full of equal procedures during the so called QSO’s.

Why this behaviour then??

Well the answer to that question is is that the operator is NEVER involved in making the QSO by listening to signals off the air! He just sits there waiting for the computer to do the decoding, and of course, helping the other guy will speed things up.

As we know, the Deep Search mode needs to know precisely the calls to “work”, and when switching over to shorthand messages the QSO will never fail because they need not be decoded at all.

So, my conclusion is, that NO WAY are all QSO’s the same!

The story above is proof of a QSO that can never be compared to a CW QSO, where both operators use their skills and their brain to decode the messages they receive.

And after seeing what I saw today, the VUCC award as an acheivement means NOTHING to me.. If this is the way Harry collects his squares, I do not want to be compared to him.

And the same goes for the all the EME DXCC Awards achieved by using JT65 Deep Search, shorthand messages and loggers.

CW is King!!!


73 de Peter SM2CEW