Let me do a comparison for you, it will explain the difference between real achievements, and computer generated text.

CW (Cynthia..)

– Let’s see now, tuning 144.040-144.060… oops, I hear a signal..
– Blimey, it sounds like someone calling CQ in CW, but he is really weak.
– I’m going to have to put my headphones on, and switch the audio filter in..
– “CQ de DL….”
– No, not hearing him too well just now, let’s hope he continues to call CQ..
– “CQ de DL… C”
– Still not getting the call, too much QSB, I’ll keep listening, hopefully it will improve..
– “CQ de DL1ABC CQ de DL1ABC”
– Got it!! New station, never heard his call before! I will call him, gee I love CW..

– DL1ABC de SM2CEW RRR 73 73 tks tks
– SM2CEW de DL1ABC 73 73 73

– I’m a happy camper, new CW intitial in the log! Man, my ears and my brain is still able to dig out CW signals from the noise!

JT (Justin..)

Connecting to logger at http://www.chris.org/cgi-bin/jt65emeA:

– **** CQ 144.123 DL1ABC 1st per PSE CALL **** (DL1ABC Roy JO32 21el 400w)
– DL1ABC listening for you (K1XXX John FN43 4x28XPOL kw)
– no decode!! I need to enter your call in WSJT (K1XXX John FN43 4x28XPOL kw)
– Roy, you are not in CALL3.TXT file..??? (K1XXX John FN43 4x28XPOL kw)
– now I get decode, -27db (K1XXX John FN43 4x28XPOL kw)
– I call you now Roy (K1XXX John FN43 4x28XPOL kw)

– “mouse click”
– “mouse click”
– “mouse click”
– “mouse click”
– “mouse click”
– “mouse click”

– Are you calling John?, no trace (DL1ABC Roy JO32 21el 400w)
– Yes, will change polarization.. now transmitting (K1XXX John FN43 4x28XPOL kw)

– “mouse click”
– “mouse click”
– “mouse click”
– “mouse click”
– “mouse click”

– Roy, I see trace of tones on spectran, RRR??? (K1XXX John FN43 4x28XPOL kw)
– Yes, sending RRR Dave (DL1ABC Roy JO32 21el 400w)
– Thanks, lovely QSO Roy! (K1XXX John FN43 4x28XPOL kw)

*** End of story! ***

The “Justin way” is every day life on the JT65 logger.
Is there ANY question what-so-ever as to which QSO has the most value??!! Is the JT65 QSO even a QSO?

CW is King!!!

73 de Peter SM2CEW