This wonderful allegory below was sent to me anonymously, by someone who calls himself “Echoman”. It is too good to be hidden in the dark doldrums of my harddrive, so I generously share it with you.


A Modern Day Allegory of Two Ladies of Pleasure, Cynthia Wax & Justine Time

Cynthia and Justine were beautiful women, although Cynthia was the older and more experienced of the two. Both enjoyed giving pleasure to men, although neither was too particular with regard to the sex of their lovers.

Cynthia enjoyed lovers who were well endowed and who knew how to operate their equipment.

Justine, on the other hand, was never so demanding and was content to accommodate even the most ridiculously small and ill equipped of her inexperienced lovers.

She would fane her moments of ecstasy and her partners were fooled into thinking they were great lovers. As she was so readily available in the public domain, she had her own group of hairdressers who would fuss and jealously watch her every movement. If her reputation was ever challenged they would stomp their feet, wag their fingers and pout their lips in disgust. They were often heard to boast just how “easy” Justine was and openly solicited many of her clients. Pictures of Justine began to appear across the world as her celebrity status grew.

Cynthia, on the other hand, was far more honest and thoroughly enjoyed her moments of rapture with all those lovers who could meet her most demanding appetite. Her cries of pleasure echoed across the world. Size mattered, most certainly, but she was also easily pleased by those who were less well endowed but able to vary their positions. H and V were her favourite.

Justine responded by slapping-on even make up to make herself more appealing. She knew that many of her lovers would be more interested in image, rather than in forming a lasting relationship. Her face was a picture of gaudy, bright colours and a distorted smile, which was shown to all her “Johns”.

What’s more, her clients were prone to hang around in the dark shadows of chat rooms until it was their turn. Each read the writing on the wall and became increasingly excited as they were publicly told where to find the exact “spot”.

The more experienced Cynthia, however, radiated her charms on all who gazed at her in wonderment.

Although the rate of Justine’s lovers rapidly increased, many eventually began to fall by the wayside when they realised that they had been too easily seduced. The challenge had really been in the chase and when Justine compromised herself so willingly, their interest waned. Some of her earlier lovers also complained that her character had altered over the past few years, quite possibly as a result of a repeated viral infection.

Like the grand old lady she is, Cynthia has remained uniquely young and willing to give lasting pleasure to those who pursue self-knowledge and integrity.


Reading Echomans wonderful story, my response is;

JT may search for a way of pleasing you but cannot satisfy you like CW!!!

CW is King!!!

73 de Peter SM2CEW