A couple of days ago, the CW moonbouncers were said to be an “unfriendly club”. These words were used by K1JT on the DF6NA “Moon” email reflector:

“To all those who hunger for more activity on CW EME,
especially on 144 MHz: it might make a big difference if
your club seemed more friendly and welcoming to potential
new members. You seem to go out of your way to make it as
unfriendly as possible.

— 73, Joe, K1JT”

Say what….??!!

What could we have done as a group to receive these harsh words from a man who more and more appears to be the self appointed “EME Community World Leader”?

The answer is the following:

One of the CW EME operators wanted to learn more about the behaviour of the JT65 digital protocol, specifically in pileup situations. In doing so he asked a couple of questions, and the statement above is what he got in return.

Regardless of what the inventor of the digital protocol JT65, K1JT says, I would never say that his user “club” is unfriendly!

Some of the people who are keen digitalists are my best friends, and to make sweeping judgements like the one above show signs of a narrow mind, and poor acceptance of different views.

We CW operators know better..

CW is King!

73 de Peter SM2CEW