Apparently the recent expedition to ZB2 by DF2ZC and DH7FB has created problems for the digital crowd. Full calls are not transmitted unless one uses an update option in the WSJT program to enable the ZB prefix.

Operators who were unaware of this feature were trying “everything in the book” to get across to ZB2. This lead to a rather unusual statement on the “Make More Miles on VHF” website where they host expedition information. This was the statement from DF2ZC/DH7FB:

“We can not accept truncated callsigns such as ZBDF2ZC or truncated suffixes of your own callsign. Please proceed accordingly.”

This sounds like rather firm information, directed at the people wanting to work the expedition. It simply says “adjust your programs or we won’t work you.” Bernd and Frank are indeed, and rightfully so, interested to make QSO’s that are in accordance with the normal EME QSO procedure.

However, Wolfgang, DL5MAE found an interesting conversation on the N0UK logger on 23 April 2007. I quote Wolfgangs message to the Moon-Net reflector:

It startet that Juergen (DK3WG) had trouble to TX the long ZB2-call
sign :

12:24 hm, mein Programm will ZB”/… nicht senden?? (DK3WG)
12:27 Jurg even does not work for me (OZ1LPR)
12:27 you can send your call only he accep that also (OZ1LPR)
12:28 Peter thats not OK (DL9MS)
13:04 Joe many worked Joe with sending only their call (OZ1LPR)

I gave the original chat here. At 13:04 it was probably a typing
mistake and OZ1LPR meant many worked Bernd (DF2ZC) with sending
only their callsign.

At least Joe (DL9MS) is s fair and wkg along the rules and
told OZ1LPR so.

I do hope Jurg solved the problem and worked ZB2 afterwards.
But I wonder why OZ1LPR is on the worked list?

vy 73 de dl5mae WOlfgang

If I draw the conclusion from the logger chat above that IARU operating procedures were not used to make these contacts I am wrong. DF2ZC and DH7FB specifically state on the website that they want to use accepted IARU QSO procedures.

From what we know, OZ1LPR is in the log, so apparently he was not using the non accepted procedures he suggested to others.

But because many (most?) operators could not set the digital WSJT program up to transmit what they wanted, big confusion was created. That’s making it difficult..

Taking “shortcuts” to just send one call is making the RF transfer even smaller, and if true taking things to yet another low level.

Accepted IARU procedures demand both calls copied in full, plus report and acknowledgement.

But in the eyes of the inventor of JT65, K1JT, shortcuts are called “taking advantage of extra sensitivity”!

Because this is what he claims for Deep Search, where 75% of the information is never received. It is “filled in” by using information present already on the computer, and K1JT calls it “extra sensitivity”.

Imagine, with DS, 75% of the full message is never received!

Now then, if we follow OZ1LPR’s advice and take out one of those calls from the full message when calling the ZB2 expedition, only 10% of the full information needs to received at their end if they accept the procedure.

That is a whole lot of “extra sensitivity” isn’t it?? No wonder it makes sense to OZ1LPR and others..

But Bernd DF2ZC has reassured me that at the expedition side of things they never accepted these shortcuts, and the suggestions by OZ1LPR were not descriptions of their operating procedures.

I’m glad I was not part of that digital party, instead I took part in the Dubus CW EME Contest this weekend.

I thoroughly enjoyed it! I copied full calls, reports and acknowledgements from my fellow CW operators, making REAL EME QSO’s that no one can question! Withouth having to adjust any computer program to comply with QSO procedures!

Going digital the JT65 way has made it difficult, especially when calls are used that are not part of the internal coding in the program. All of the above make that perfectly clear.

Given that, CW still is King!!!

73 de Peter SM2CEW