Take a look at this recent statement from K1JT. Remember, this is the guy who invented “Deep Search”, a protocol where fragments of info are received, but full messages printed on the computer screen to make the operator think he just had a valid QSO.

“Thus, even when the “Deep Search” decoder is used, JT65 QSOs transfer about five times more information than the most marginal scheduled QSOs using CW.”

I must say, this statement is nothing but insulting to us CW EME operators. We certainly make it a point to always comply with long since established EME procedures that require full copy of both calls, report and acknowledgement. No way is a JT65 Deep Search QSO comparable to such a QSO. And to claim that more info is passed in a Deep Search session is pretty upsetting.

Again, who is K1JT trying to fool..??!

No, his statement is yet another one intended to diminish the accomplishments of CW EME operators, all for the purpose of validating the design flaws of his Deep Search protocol.

But we know better..

CW is King!!

73 de Peter SM2CEW