In case you have not seen this before, there is a three letter code for “CW Forever” !! It is ZUT, and I suggest we start using it on CW EME to show our love for CW.

Here’s a small article on the subject that I found on N9BORs CW webpage:

“ZUT means
“CW Forever!”

The Z-code was widely used by the military on both CW, RTTY and
land-line TTY circuits. The U.S. Coast Guard radiomen (a rating
that no longer exists in the USCG) were a tight-knit group (the
entire USCG itself has fewer members than the NYPD has police
officers, BTW), and with the demise of code in the Guard, ZUT was
adopted as the unofficial Z-code signal for those who loved CW.

The Guard kept a continuous 80 year watch on 500 kHz (600m),
the international maritime CW calling and distress frequency.

73 and ZUT!
Jeff KH6OO (former USCG CW op at Coast Guard Radio Honolulu: NMO)”

Good eh’ ?

73 and ZUT de Peter SM2CEW