Take a look at this recent extract from an internet logger (chatboard):

13 Jan 19:37 ZL3CU Will now beam VK Tx 1st 144.23
13 Jan 19:39 VK7MO Starr: I will beam your way 330?
13 Jan 19:43 ZL3CU OK Rex. Lost contact with internet for a couple of minutes
13 Jan 19:44 VK7MO Short-hand as appropraite as we should be on our own
13 Jan 19:45 ZL3CU OK
13 Jan 19:47 ZL3CU Good ping from you Rex

This was a “down under” WSJT FSK441 sked where VK7MO suggested shorthand messages were appropriate, because they were “on their own”..

Well, what is a shorthand message in FSK441 then?

It is ONE tone, a carrier!

No wonder it’s easy to complete. One meteor ping to detect a carrier and the report exchange is over and done with!

No need to mess with more info than a millisecond of carrier to complete the QSO.. this is effective stuff..

Now, why am I showing you this?

Well, it shows where K1JT with his WSJT software has taken the weak signal VHF community. Guys who use his shorthand report system are exchanging virtually no info at all, and still claim they’ve had a QSO.

A ping, a trace of a carrier, “Shorthand as appropriate..”, complete QSO..

In the CW world we at least exchange full reports, and we are proud to dig the signal out of the noise!

And if we fail, we keep going until we are certain we’ve made the contact. We do not use a computerized QSO machine, designed by K1JT and programmed to never let the operator down..

CW is King!

73 de Peter SM2CEW