Today I did an interesting survey..

I questioned the OH2AQ cluster for spots where the DX-call is “EME“, which is a typical way of selfspotting to get attention. I limited the amount of hits to 1000, not to overload the system.

The responce was not surprising.. out of 1000 self spots for “EME” 951 of them were for JT65 stations!!!!!

Does this tell us something.. ?

Of course it does! JT65 is not, and never has been, a tool for random operation. People have to self spot, otherwise they wouldn’t make any QSO’s!

And remember, this is only the world wide DX cluster, self spotting is even more mandatory on all of the JT65 loggers.

So, who is the King of the Kings, the selfspotter of undisputed proportions then?

Yes, you guessed it, S52LM !

There are 80 different stations listed for those 1000 selfspots, and S52LM alone stands for 253 of them!! EA6VQ is not even close with his 56 selfspots. Well done Gabriel..

Again, there are none of the obligatory “Thanks, -27db, GL!” selfspots included in these numbers, only genuine selfspots for “EME”. If I would add the “Thanks, -27db…” to my search the system would probably go down.

Again, this proves that the CW operator is really in it for the game of picking out weak signals in the noise by himself! He is proud of what he can achieve, using his skills and his knowledge!

CW is King!

73/Peter SM2CEW