It was time to get my EME Contest log to the ARRL! Off it went, and the robot replied:

“This is an automatic reply. Thank you for your participation in the contest and for submitting your log.”

Sure looks like my log was received this time! It has been lost numerous times before, so for a few years I did not submit a log.

But this year I felt different as it is a 20 year anniversary for EME contesting at SM2CEW. Take a look at my soapbox comments at:

A couple of suggestions there, all in the interest of keeping the contest an interesting event for CW/SSB operators. As it is now, the contest is no contest any more, and this is very unfortunate.

People have 361 days to sked each other on loggers, why would there be an absolute need to do it during a radio contest that lasts 2 x 48 hours..?!!

CW is King!

73 de Peter SM2CEW