When someone says “radio contest” to me I think about strategies to maximize my score by keeping my radio station in top condition and using smart planning regarding band changes and working available multipliers.

However, to many VHF/UHF/SHF operators the words “radio contest” have another meaning. To them the following applies:

– Maximize my score by hanging out on as many loggers as possible!

– Make EVERYONE aware of my frequency and sequencing, repeatedly!

Please do NOT slow things down by requesting the contest exchange via the radio, signals might be VERY VERY weak!

– If I don’t make my contacts known to others they may not realize that I’ve had a contact and thereby they might miss the opportunity to work me!

Hey, it’s a revolution!

Is it for the better of amateur radio?

Of course not!smiley

CW is King!

73 de Peter SM2CEW