I have been accused of making it difficult for one VUAC committee member to discuss contest matters with the ARRL after starting my blog!

This is hard to understand, because I do nothing but demand that the ARRL General Contest Rules should be enforced. And I demand that CW/SSB and digital should be separated.

How could this be a problem to an ARRL official..??

No, the true reason is probably another one, more specifically that I shouldn’t bring up any of these subject for public discussions. This is because some of what I am saying is not appreciated by this specific VUAC committee member, no matter what he says in public.

Remember, this is the guy who a couple of years ago demanded that digital should be in the same category as CW/SSB, and that Assisted class should be introduced in the ARRL EME contest.

And what was called Assisted at that time, was the same chaos that we see now, i e loggers with real time QSO liason.

Now this behaviour is judged as inappropriate by the same guy who demanded it a couple of years back..

As much as I appreciate his 180 deg spin around on this issue, I still need to be convinced that it is for the real reasons.

Many things can be said about me, but that my opinions would have this impact, and basically destroy one ARRL’s committes work is hard to believe.

Again, it is all about silencing opinions regarding matters that interest a large group of people. People who are rather convinced that the JT65 Deep Search module is one of the biggest cons in ham radio, ever!

CW is king!

73/Peter SM2CEW