Much of the basic foundation for justifying the lack of information exchange in JT65 Deep Seach mode is built on the statement that all CW operators cheat. All the time. This is often brought up as a truth by K1JT and his hangarounds.

Each and every serious CW operator should indeed feel insulted by this, but because most of us are just that, serious, we don’t put up much of a fight because we know it is not true.

And if we put up a fight, like on the EME reflector “Moon-Net” run by W9IP Michael Owen, we are thrown off the distribution list. W9IP we now know is not a close friend to K1JT, so this comes as a surprise.

We know that statements like “all CW operators are cheating” are nothing but lame excuses to make poor software solutions look better. But why would someone want to insult CW operators to that degree?

Well, in my opinion it is because the new invention, in this case JT65, targeted for the weak signal VHF/UHF community, is not performing so well that it outperforms a good CW operator. They are pretty much equal, give or take a dB of S/N capability.

So, some means of cheating, or as DJ5HG calls it in his recent DUBUS article, “doping”, is introduced. DJ5HG also says that if some future software solution is going to be competitive, doping is definitely needed.

Isn’t that good to know, if we CW operators are to be challenged, it takes doping to beat us..!!

73/Peter SM2CEW