If you have not read my page about digital communications a la JT65, I strongly advice you do so. It can be found at www.sm2cew.com/jt65.html

For some reason the JT65 software with the so called Deep Search mode has reduced an EME QSO as we all know it to virtually non existent exchange of information.

The author, K1JT, has decided that modern weak signal operators can not wait for a full transfer of needed information, hence he is taking shortcuts in his software to reduce the “waiting time” for a complete QSO.

Out of a message with calls and report of say >56 bits, he has reduced the need to copy information to 14.2 bits instead. The rest of the info is handed to the CPU performing the decoding process via a database (textfile full of possible calls) or via the” To Radio:” and “MyCall:” input boxes.

And reports are called “Shorthand messages”, which are nothing but two tones with a given spacing, and contain no coding.

Now, to compare this to a normal EME QSO is just not possible. And to give the same credit for these marginal digital contacts in case of DXCC and contest operation is beyond my comprehension. They can not be compared, because the basic foundation is different.

* CW is all about the operator copying and verifying the information.

* CW is about the operator focusing on what is heard, not what the screen says that the computer has created from traces of info.

* CW is about skills, patience, and knowledge.

* CW is uncontested as a real mode, not a computer game

* CW is KING!