During the recent ARRL EME contest there was full proof that the digital protocol is not designed for contesting. Numerous so called “loggers” i e real time chatboards were used to solicit “contest” QSO’s!! All in complete violation of the ARRL General contest rules.

Take a look at one example of the N0UK Logger on November 11! Can any of this be called contest operation, in accordance with the rules???

Of course not, but this is the way people operate to be able to make QSO’s with their computers.

Why worry you ask?

Well, because true contesters competing by using pure random CW operation are now compared to, and competing, in the same category as these people!!

This must be a joke you say, but unfortunately it is the truth

But why??

Well, it is evident that strong lobbying to keep CW/SSB and digital mixed, is done by the author of the WSJT software, K1JT Joe Taylor. This has cemented the ARRL’s standpoint. And as K1JT is an ARRL VHF/UHF committee member, we are not likely to see any rules change.

And it is also very evident that the ultimate goal of this contest is to see CW die, replaced by a digital protocol dependent on internet liason at all times.

This seem to be the only way to compete on even terms, breaking the ARRL General rules all the time. And as long as ARRL don’t enforce the rules, they basically make a decision to kill CW.

I just can not get this into my brain, how a trustworthy, respected radio amateur organization like the ARRL can let this happen?